Blogging Block…kinda


Ever have some ideas for a blog post and start writing and nothing seems to come out the way you want it to? Right now through a quirk of WordPress or my internet or something, I’m typing and the little line cursor is dutifully moving over, the word count is ticking away helpfully, and NOTHING is actually showing up in the blog post block. My words are invisible until I stop and highlight them. That’s a pretty ironic physical manifestation of what I’ve been struggling with for several drafts of blog posts. I come up with a topic, I start writing, it just sounds horrible, I delete, I try writing again, I delete again, and all I’m left with is a vaguely interesting topic in my mind and a blank blog post. I hope if I actually publish this one it’ll show up.

My topics have included:
Macabre humor in EMS
Musings on the F bomb
A book review
My Philosphey on Crazy People
And other trivial, mundane everyday nonsense.

I’m hoping this blogging dryspell doesn’t last much longer, Brian leaves for 3 weeks of training today so maybe his absence will stir up something interesting. In the meantime, Remus swallowed some bacteria that has given him Hershey Squirts and I now get to shove two capsules of Amoxicillan down his throat, twice daily. Also, although my blogging has run dry, I’m writing down some of my experiences as a paramedic-mostly patient stories-and I’m having no problem typing away at those. Ah well, I apologize for my lousy blogging, and cheers to the people I follow who are still blogging away!


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