Anniversary Toast


I feel like I need to post something on here about Brian and I’s anniversary (four years!) but honestly, I’m kinda drawing a blank. I could go mushy gushy and into all the reasons why I love my husband and how he “completes” me and yada yada but I prefer saving my most mushy gushyness for him only…you’re welcome.

Instead, here’s a toast:

Here’s to Brian, for his grounded, logical perspective that keeps my flights of fancy from driving us into financial ruin, for his random, goofy sense of humor that I don’t always “get” but that manages to charm me out of my grumpiest moods, for his OCD attention to detail that keeps all those “important” documents copied and filed and scanned and organized when if it were left to me they’d be in a heap somewhere or more likely lost completely, for his good natured patience when I forget what I’m saying mid-sentence, for his earnest attempts to “be empathetic” when he really has no idea why I’m upset, for his texted “to-do” lists to remind me of what needs to be “ta done” but still doesn’t get mad when I miss one or two errands, for telling me I’m beautiful and I am loved on a constant, daily basis, for all the great things that make Brian who he is, three cheers and hooray! I am a lucky woman.

He’s a lucky man, too, but I don’t think there is enough room on this blog for me to write about all of that 😛


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