Multiple birds, one assault rifle


Brian is currently across the continent enduring training for a deployment he will not be going on, a poorly planned training that has left the people from his detachment sitting on their butts trying to find something pertinent to accomplish. We are trying not to question this latest display of military wisdom, but it has left Brian extremely grumpy.

Guess who gets to deal with grumpy Brian text messages?

SO, since Brian is chafing at the bit at all the stuff he wants to get done and he can’t because he’s stranded, I’ve been trying to do as much as I can to get the house ready for market. Which means packing. Here comes the multiple birds (two birds, one stone metaphor, get it? I thought it was fun…):

ME packing means although I am trying to stay organized and label the boxes, I have no problem cramming the random trinket here and there and taping the box shut. Brian takes a little longer to pack a box…and unpack the box…and repack the box…

I get grumpy and un-motivated by myself, so I send Brian a text every time I pack a few boxes to update him on my progress.-This keeps me from updating facebook and twitter every thirty minutes with annoying useless statuses like “Another box packed!” and then”Guest bathroom all boxed up!” and “My back hurts from all the box shuffling…”

Brian responds with appropriate enthusiasm and then sends me another few lists of things I might want to try and get done. -This keeps me motivated, AND keeps Brian feeling like he has some part of the packing.


Ok, maybe not that brilliant, especially when Brian sends me 6 texts in a row about how bored he is and completely throws off my packing streak, but it does take the edge off our respective crankiness. And although I’ve managed not to post another “packing” status on facebook, I just wrote an entire blog post with no other real substance. Guess you can’t win them all…


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