Military Wife…toughest job in the world.


HA! Totally kidding about the title. Actually, it kind of bugs me when people say things along similar lines for multiple reasons, but the primary one is: My mom taught me not to keep score cards. Meaning, I don’t compare me or my life to anyone elses. However, due to Brian being in the Army, we are PCS moving to Virginia…and I don’t know if our marriage will survive. Extended training-is tough, deployment-is super tough, moving-might be the death of us all.

I may be exaggerating a wee bit…

a very tiny, wee bit.

Perfectionist husband meet procrastinating wife. Brian and I have two VASTLY different approaches to getting the house ready. Me? I’m in the mood to weed…so lets go weed, and maybe plant something, and clean the baseboards in just this room of the house. Brian? Lets verbally review the entire list of things we need to get done before the house sells and lets do this first, then  this, then this…it takes twenty-thirty minutes to talk about what needs to get done-I’ve tuned out after the first five…

Me: …but I feel like weeding…

Brian: well, painting is the first thing on the list…

Me: But I got new gardening gloves….

Brian: You can weed AFTER you paint, so you aren’t all sweaty painting.

Me: I have to do BOTH today?! (And then, not surprisingly, I don’t feel like doing either.)


THEN to make matters even better. Brian is super enthusiastic about boxing, moving boxes to the garage, moving furniture, taping things shut, more boxes…finding anything left to pack…un packing and re packing just to pack something…tape…box…stuff..uhhhh

Notice anything missing? Yeah, how about painting. Or weeding. Or scrubbing the baseboards. Or wiping the walls. Or cleaning the windows, the bathroom, the kitchen… Nope, somehow, those are all supposed to be on MY list. So while he’s super supportive (You’re so cute, you’re doing a great job!) it hasn’t escaped my notice that somehow I’m doing ALL of the cleaning. All of it. Plus the painting. I don’t mind the weeding stuff because he’s far more allergic to the outdoors than I am, but seriously, windows? Baseboards? His excuse for the painting is “Well you’re better at the painting/decorating stuff than I am…”  How come it takes forty minutes of argument for me to get him to let me hang ONE picture, but as soon as there is painting touch ups around the house I am “so much better” at the painting/decorating stuff?

And he is persistently a verbal list maker. I got a little beyond my normal level of frustration yesterday and half yelled at him, “If you tell me ONE MORE THING I haven’t done yet I’m stuffing your head into a toilet and flushing!”

Yes, I threatened my husband with a swirly. It worked though.

Alright, I’ve procrastinated for twenty minutes writing this post, I really should go clean a few more windows. Buh.



DISCLAIMER: My husband is awesome. He really has been encouraging and supportive and his annoying organizational skills have come in handy on more than one occassion. This post was just to illustrate differences in our personality, I am by no means angry at him, he’s the best. Just to clarify 🙂


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