An Exciting Day in the Life of ME!(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


…it’s really not that exciting. In fact, I’m posting this out of a sense of guilty obligation. I love blogging-when I have something to blog about-but everything has been so completely unbloggable lately! We’ve moved (but who wants to read about box shuffling progress?), the house in Lillington is under contract (trust me, house contracts are SUPER boring), I’m helping out occasionally at my mom’s work answering phones and feeding the shredder (I’ve named him Steve. He’s very tempermental, in a gay guy at a fashion show type of way), and I’m helping Brian with school (read: he paces and verbally expounds on what he WANTS to say but is so DIFFICULT to actually write and will never actually get done and will sound terrible. And I write almost verbatim what he “wants to say” and it sounds fine. I also help him come up with research topics.)

I’ve also had some bizarre dreams, but writing post after post about bizarre dreams gets old quick.

So, I apologize for the misleading title, but a day in the life of me right now is just not blog worthy exciting.

I did succesfully navigate my way from Liberty to Barnes and Nobles and back to Liberty without a single u-turn or causing an accident. You should be impressed.

Also, most of Brian’s classes are online and the discussion board posts contain a plethora of exclamation points. “Hello class! It’s so great to finally meet you all!!! I look forward to a great semester! It’ll be a lot of hard work but I’m sure you can do it! My name is ______! I love the color blue! I dislike stinky feet! yay! love! birds! bljgslh! sdhfl! asdsdfsh!!!!!! ….it’s annoying.

I feel like people are beginning to equate exclamation points with goodwill and “nice” ness. For instance, if you write, “good to meet you.” you are some how less nice and not as sincere as the person who writes, “Good to meet you!” If your introduction to a class does not include at least three exclamation points you may be perceived as a grumpy, mean, or bitter personality, at the very least you are “stand off ish”.  This is ridiculous. If I ran an online class, I think my very first announcement would be everyone is allotted a total of ten and only ten exclamation points. Those ten should be used sparingly because they are all you get for ALL of the written work in the course, including discussion posts/replies. Any overage of exclamation points result in 5 points docked off your final project, whatever project/paper it is. 5 points for each exclamation point over 10. Immediate 2 point docking for any multiple exclamation points in a row, i.e.: “My name is Sarah!!!!!” even if total exclamation points do not exceed the allotted 10.

And this is from graduate online courses at Liberty University. The indecency! If students have a dress code, than so should their writing. Unless it’s poetry and they’re ee cummings. Can’t do anything with that guy.

End rant. !!! .



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