The Post-It Queen


So some days I’ll be doing something and I’ll suddenly make a correlation betwen whatever I’m doing and one of my parents. Then goes the,”Oh! THAT’S where I get that from…” through my brain. Far from being annoyed, these moments make me laugh. Like when I write one sentence that takes up half a page littered with entirely too many commas-that would be from my dad. Or when my cute little tree-shrub-plant thingie continues to grow past “normal” sizes and threatens to take over the living room- that would be from my mom.

Today, as I was sorting, stapling, filing, copying, and paperclipping, I couldn’t help but giggle at the enourmous amount of post-it notes my mom uses. In her defense, she just moved offices and she’s trying to get everything organized. And gosh darn it if she doesn’t beat those insurance forms into submission with her sticky notes! They don’t have a prayer. Papers have two or three post-its, folders have post-its inside and out, there are post-its on top of post-its, big post-its, little post-its, blue, pink, yellow, grey, green post-its, post-its advertising medications, treatment centers, and who knows what else. Squares, rectangles, one pad is even in the shape of an apple. There are post-its directly stuck to the desk pad to remind her of things (often complete with arrows pointing to other post-its) and I recognized one post-it in my dad’s writing stuck to the bottom part of the computer screen. Soon, we’re going to need a sticky note to organize all the sticky notes! Poor Steve, I’m afraid the post-its are going to gum up his teeth-blades as I proceed to shred the old ones to make room for the new.

I did the same thing in college. The difference? Mom uses post-it notes to stay organized, I used post-it notes to keep me from forgetting important events. I would write the event, day and time on a sticky note, and then stick it on the edge of my computer so the non-sticky part would flap down over the screen. Every time I sat down at the computer I’d go, “What the heck is that on my scr—oh yeah, I have a paper due tomorrow.” My computer by the end of the year looked like it had been mauled by confetti.

It’s comforting though, as I sit down at the office and began doing things -when I need to write something down quick so I don’t forget and I instinctivly reach for the nearest post-it note pad, I know I come by it honestly. 🙂


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    • We are the reason people still insist on giving out free post-it pads at business meetings or from drug reps. And there are few things more dissappointing then getting a cool looking mini pad and realizing it isn’t sticky. Fail!


  1. I love this because I too am ADDICTED to post-its, I jot everything on them, often without context and then wonder later “what that number meant”. And when I get the umph to clean my desk off, I end up with a pile of sticky note casualties..Loved this!


    • haha yeah, a lot of my post-its end up being random numbers or phrases that I can’t quite figure out later, I think thats why my mom uses so many and draws arrows from one to the next like a map, that way we at least know which random phrases go together 🙂 Thanks for commenting!


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