My niece, known to the blogging world as “Little E”, is 18 months old and a handful. Now, I know everybody likes to post about how amazingly adorably cute their little one is, and I confess, this post is somewhat along those lines, but this is my blog and I want to record this story for my own sake.

We went walking along trails today, Rebecca (Mommy), Me (Sarah or Rara, or Ryry), Grandpa (Gampa) and Remus (Remush, she likes the “sh” sound on words that end with “s”. Like a way cuter female toddler version of Sean Connery). Little E doesn’t have much use for the stroller, she walks and runs and climbs over everything. She was doing checks every so often “Gampa? Sarah? Mommy?” and scolding Remus when he got too far ahead, “No, Remush! Stop it! No! Stop it!”and then toddling back to grab one of our legs and say “Push!” or look back and say, “Come on! Run!” Little E is all about the declarative sentence.

As we were walking back, Little E ended up behind Remus and I on the trail and she suddenly goes, “Hug! Remush! HUG!” very adamantly, running up between us. Now, remember, Remus is not exactly a tiny dog, and even though Little E is pushing three feet, Remus is still taller than her head at his shoulder. This doesn’t daunt Little E in the slightest, she may put up an arm in defense when he huffs in her face but she also giggles. Undeterred by the lolling tongue hanging out of a mouth longer than her arm and full of pointy teeth and bad breath, Little E tucks herself firmly beneath Remus’s head against his chest, reaches out both arms, and gives him a hearty toddler squeeze. She then turns and trots off, mission accomplished, like hugging giant dogs was all in a days work. I don’t know if I’d have the courage to hug a dog that much bigger than me, but to Little E, “Remush” is entirely huggable fair game.

She is fearless, me niece 🙂


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