Brian’s Take on Pregnancy


Although an active participant, Brian agreed to try and have kids – he didn’t come up with the idea or particularily encourage it. So when the little pee stick read preggo I was a bit concerned about his reaction. So far, he seems to be taking everything in stride and employing a healthy dose of humor. Without further ado, here are some Brian quotes.

Me (about my mood swings): “You can’t blame PMS! I’m not going to PMS anymore for nine months.”

Brian: “Well then you’re PBSing. Pre Birth Syndrome. Yup, I just went there.”


Brian laughs as I walk down the hall hugging my chest.

Me: “Don’t laugh, they hurt!”

Brian: “Now aren’t you glad you don’t have huge ugly ones? Think how much worse that would be.”


Me: “Ugh, I can’t lay down just yet.”

Brian: “Are you “getting all nauseous” on me already? Sheesh.”


Me, talking about my digestive tract: “My system is all messed up, it’s either one extreme or the other.”

Brian: “Well then, I’m having sympathy poops.”

He is still firmly set on having a girl, he’s not so clear on the reasons why except some vague implication that having a girl will be easier (I don’t know what universe he thinks we’re in) and because the girl baby stuff is cuter.

I’ve also eaten my weight in Papa John’s Cheesesticks with ranch sauce. Haven’t had them since highschool, now they’re a staple part of my diet.


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