I’m Pregnant and I Know it…


But nobody else can tell, gosh darn it!

I’m 12 weeks along, as of yesterday, and although I’ve gained somewhere between 4-5 pounds the most I’ve managed is to look a little “fluffy” and I have to rubber band some of my jeans shut because I can’t button them (well, I can, but it isn’t comfortable). Pregnancy belly? Nope, I look like a party hearty sorority girl, strolling around in sweat pants and fighting a losing battle with the freshmen 15.

Now, I know I’m most likely not going to be super large-the ultrasound tech said, “Aww, hunny, it’s going to take you awhile to show, you’re little.”-but it’d be nice to have an actual pregnancy BUMP not a blob. So the guys at Papa John’s (who now know me, and my order, by name) don’t think I’m some weird blond chick with a cheesestick fetish eating herself up a couple pants sizes.

It’d be nice- what with the constant queasyness, my issues with smells, sore boobs, and constant need to pee-too LOOK as pregnant as I feel. Right now when I talk to my belly button people just give me really strange looks and move to different checkout aisles…

By the way, I’m not planning on finding out the sex of the baby until birth SO until that point, I’ve dubbed it “Potato” since thats what it’ll resemble the most when I see it first. A super adorable potato, but still rather reddish and lumpy. I can’t wait till Spring 🙂


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  1. Congratulations on 12 weeks!! I SO know what you’re going through. I was at a healthy weight (slim, even) when I was pregnant last year and people could not tell until I was about 17 weeks along. It was horrible to feel so frumpy instead of “showing”. That was my 3rd baby too! With my 1st it was more like 20-21 weeks for those who knew me and more for the rest oif the world! *sigh* But don’t worry-what comes after that is everyone commenting on how HUGE you are! Lol


    • Thanks for the encouragement! I know once I DO start showing I’m suddenly going to be fending off hands and loads of baby advice from complete strangers, so I should probably enjoy my “public secret” for now, but I’m just so excited I want everyone to know 🙂


      • Oh, I know that excitement!!! I can’t wait to do it again. 🙂 We’re trying for baby #4 (but our 13 month old is still breastfeeding, so it’s been tricky with ovulation *sigh*) God knows, though, so it’s cool. 😉


  2. Yayyyyy congratulations!! It seems like you just can’t win; I’m so short that by twelve weeks I was already in maternity clothes and people were teasing me about having twins! And I’ve lost ten pounds! Now I’m almost 27 weeks and random strangers ask me when I’m due and then look surprised when I say January, like they’re thinking I’m going to pop tomorrow. We weren’t planning on finding out the gender–I’m using a birthing center and a midwife, but I do have to go for two doctor’s visits and we did one ultrasound just to check everything, and ended up finding out accidentally. They didn’t tell me I had to close my eyes! I was watching our little monkey stretch and move and yawn and then all of a sudden he mooned us. So make sure you close your eyes. 🙂


    • Hahaha, aww yeah, I remember you posting a facebook comment about some rude people asking questions about your belly. I admit, I’m not looking forward to fending off the “inappropriate opinions” that people just can’t seem to NOT say to pregnant women. I’m going to try and close my eyes, but I’ll ask the ultrasound tech to print off some non-gender revealing photos so I can still get a peek. The first ultrasound was so neat to see even though it was so early, I don’t think I could completely ignore the second one!


  3. I didn’t really show even a little bit until around 22+ weeks (which is coincidentally the exact same time I started wearing maternity ACUs), and it wasn’t until the last 2 months maybe that it actually looked like I was obviously pregnant and not just walking around with a fat belly because of eating too much. My doctor just kept telling me that taller people (and people on their first pregnancy) don’t show as much or as early. You’ll appreciate that more later when you don’t have the back pain issues that most pregnant women have (I know that made my life easier!) Best of luck with everything! Hard for me to believe now that I was in the same position only a few months ago (have the newborn at home now).


    • I admit, I stalked your facebook belly pics 🙂 I’ll try to keep the tip about future back pain in mind so I don’t get too frustrated about not showing, I would rather have a small belly than contend with back pain the last few months. Congrats on the little one! I hope you and he are doing ok 🙂


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