Pregnancy Goals


I have a puzzling addiction, aided and abetted by my husband who thinks puzzles look great framed and hung as pictures. We have a large 2000 piece “World Map” puzzle hanging in our bedroom and my latest puzzle, a 3000 piece black and white Picasso, hung downstairs between the bookshelves. We have a few other puzzles framed but not currently hanging on any walls, but that’s mostly because we don’t want to go through the hassle of hanging them all up just to take them down to move in a little over a year. Brian enjoys finding new puzzles for me to complete and the latest one is a 9000 piece puzzle of the oil painting “The Bombardment of Algiers.”

9000 pieces. It comes in two 4500 piece bags to “make it easier.” Gee, thanks. It’s about seven feet wide and at least four feet tall, and we had to buy a large piece of vinyl from JoAnn’s to make a big enough puzzle mat.

Here’s my issue. I started the puzzle (on the downstairs floor) in the very early stages of my pregnancy-before the pee stick. I have completed approximately 500 pieces. I made it a point to actually count how many pieces I put together today and so far it has been 50 even. If I average 50 pieces a day the puzzle will be completed in 170 days. My due date is in roughly 186 days.

I think I may be cutting it a wee bit close, especially as the later I get the harder it is going to be to crawl around on the floor putting in pieces. And I still have to glue the thing!

The sensible thing would be to put it away, right? (Especially since we’re unsure if it’ll fit in the Prius to take to get it framed once it’s put together) Balderdash! In 186 days I will have a squealing infant to contend with 24/7, and for the next 5-6 years (at least) that puzzle would remain in the box collecting dust. So onward! Other people have pregnancy goals of gaining a certain amount of weight (or not gaining too much) or taking x number of belly pictures, getting pregnancy photos professionally done, setting up a nursery…I don’t have time for such things (ok, maybe the nursery, eventually), I have a puzzle to complete!


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    • Ooo, thanks for the Ticker tip! I’ll have to look at the site and find one. The puzzle is coming along slowly, I tend to work on it in bursts, life tends to get in the way of working on it on a regular basis.


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