Remus vs Deer vs Puddle


It’s a crisp, cool afternoon, leaves crunch underfoot and smoke lingers in the air from burn piles. Remus is ambling about in front of me, sniffing the ground, nibbling a few bushes, and shying away from particularly large and menacing leaves. His nails click happily on the pavement, tongue lolling out the side as we near the end of our walking route before turning around and heading home.

I see them first, at the bottom of the hill. Two large does out in the open field of someone’s backyard. They spot us, flick an ear, but don’t look overly concerned. My shaggy doofus is blissfully unaware as he continues his trot-walk. The deer take a few slow steps and Remus freezes, head up, ears pricked forward, balancing on three legs mid stride. He sees them. “Not yet, Remus.” I caution, continuing my walk as if ignorant of the deer that have set his nose quivering. Remus continues his trot, me holding him back from his gallop, the deer take a few more steps towards the woods, Remus quickens his pace, and then….BOLTS!

He flies down the hill! Ears streaming, tail low, letting gravity aid his gallop towards the annoyed, but otherwise safe, deer.

Quick note> Although Remus does leave the path occasionally to run after things, he tries to stay on the pavement or path as long as possible before veering into the woods. It means he’s never really gotten close to catching any deer because they are deep into the trees before he finally musters up the courage to leave the road.<

Remus has closed some considerable distance but then, at the last minute, THWARTED! By none other then a large and scary puddle at the bottom of the hill. Remus slams on the doggie brakes so fast to avoid the puddle his back end actually skids out. The deer flash their white tails and dissappear with a few bounds into the treeline.

I’m laughing in between shouting encouragement at my goofy dog. Other dogs would’ve gone straight through the puddle, or perhaps around it. But Remus is terrified of water (no going through) and “around” would’ve meant getting off the road.

He came back up the hill with a doggy grin on his face after a few seconds of stare down with the puddle to make sure it wouldn’t actively attack. All in all, it was a successful walk, Remus is a pretty aimiable loser.

Deer-127, Puddle-1, Remus-0

**I have seen him jump in puddles before, but only if it’s from a hole he’s personally dug. Then, I suppose, the water is “safe”.


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