Schmuck List 2012


One day, I’ll be coordinated enough to suggest to my older sister at Friffle Thoughts that we make her Annual Schmuck List one of those blog link up thingies, but in the meantime I’ll just give her the credit for a fabulous Thanksgiving tradition. For the original “Schmuck List” post, click here. For her 2012 Schmuck List, here.

The basic idea is, these are things I’m truly thankful for but I probably wouldn’t mention outloud around the table when everyone gives thanks for one thing. I stick to the traditional “Family, Friends, Freedom, etc.” theme at those times and feel a little guilty. Not because I’m not thankful for Family, Friends, and Freedom, etc., but that there are some days where I am definitely more thankful for other much less important things. So here’s my list.

2012 Schmuck List

1. Hot Showers. I love them. I take a long time. I sometimes take two in one day.

2. Hairdryers. After toweling, I blowdry down my sweatpants to make them warm before putting them on and it is GREAT. (See why I wouldn’t mention this around the table?)

3. My older sister had a kid first, so I can get firsthand practice at having my own before actually having my own. I am SO thankful for this. Thanks Rebecca 🙂

4. The fact that somehow, magically, my husband can tease me relentlessly without me getting irrationally upset. (most of the time). How he has managed to get me to laugh at myself is a mystery to me, but I am thankful he figured it out.

5. Pasta Salad. Specifically the kind made by Jennifer Holmes, who obligingly made me a bucket of it it to take home after visiting Fayetteville.

6. That I have good genes and am relatively healthy, so my pregnancy swelling has so far remained in my belly and boobs, and stayed away from my face, and back, and legs, and hands, and feet…

7. Puzzles.

8. Books. Real books. And lately, more time to read them!

9. Remus. I love my dog.

10. Instegram (yes, I said it. I love seeing the snapshots of my siblings lives)

11. My brother’s facebook/twitter posts.

12. Peach Pie.

13. Borrowed jeans that are keeping me out of having to go maternity clothes shopping. (Thanks Jessica and Leslie!)

14. The little desk Brian built that I’ve claimed for my own in my little cornor by the window.

15. The Japanese Maple outside that window.

16. Living in the mountains again!

17. My ambulance partner and his family while in Fayetteville. They introduced me to ham noodles, enough said 🙂

18. Forest Baptist Church. It’s awesome, I’ve missed it, I’m so glad Brian and I get to go here again while in Lynchburg.

19. Having my mom a four minute drive away during my pregnancy.

20. Sweater dresses.

21. Boots.

22. (Stolen from Rebecca’s) Four seasons and living in a place that experiences all four.

Thats all I’ve got for my Schmuck List 🙂 I truly am thankful for my family and the fantastic three day long ThanksChristGivingMas celebration we’ve had this year, and for my friends who love me even though I’m horrible at keeping in touch, and for a roof over my head, food in my belly every night, and the freedoms our country maintains….but honestly, some days when I roll out of bed I’m thinking more about how extremely gratfeul I am for a high power hairdryer.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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