Cleaning Hazards


Yesterday Brian and I rearranged the furniture in our bedroom to make room for the crib. We had to transfer a small wooden bookshelf downstairs so I was searching the house for dusting spray. I finally found a can of Pledge sitting on the bookshelves in the hallway. I had the rag already in hand, I sprayed the rag, put the cleaner back where I found it, and dusted down the bookshelves.

Here’s the catch: the hallway has wooden floors.

Apparently enough Pledge had landed on the hardwood to super slippery polish that one section of hallway.

Brian was plugging in the vacuum cleaner at the end of the hall to vacuum our room, and Remus was facing away from him, standing in the hallway, sniffing the bookshelves where the Pledge was sitting. I was in the kitchen at the other end of the hall. Brian, who wants Remus to move, flicks the cord so it taps Remus’s rump. Remus startles, scrambles, and slip and slides down the hall like he’s on rollerskates until he catches traction on a rug and just barely keeps himself from literally nosediving. He turns around and looks at Brian in complete bewilderment while Brian and I struggle to stop laughing.

Poor Remus, no wonder he’s scared of his own shadow, the floors themselves betray him!


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  1. omg that is hysterical. Picturing it now! I was really nervous reading this that YOU took a tumble. Sorry for Remus’ slippery adventure but glad you and your baby bump weren’t the ones heading for a nose dive!


    • Some days I wish I had surveillence cameras INSIDE the house just to watch Remus. And Brian and I had discovered its slippery potential earlier and so we were being really careful…but no one told Remus 😛


    • Ooo, thats good to know. I haven’t really used a lot of cooking spray either, but maybe one day I will and I can just see myself slip sliding onto my butt, most likely holding a pot or pan filled with a hot messy liquid I send flying on to everything…Yeah, thanks for the warning 🙂


  2. Poor Remus! He must’ve been completely confused! Our cat was walking up the steps of our deck one time and one of her back feet apparently didn’t touch on the stair right and she looked shocked and horrified as she slipped through the stairs and down onto the ground. Luckily she wasn’t hurt because we’re only talking about like 6 stairs, but oh my goodness was it funny!! 😀


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