All About Running…


So I’m hoping to race the equivalent miles of a marathon while pregnant. I’ve never run a marathon, I’m not really interested in ever running a marathon unless there is a trail marathon somewhere I could run. I have run Ultras before (33.5 miles or greater) and would love to do those again. BUT while preggo, I’m keeping my races to 5ks. So, I need 9 5ks to hit 27.9 miles, a little over the 26.2 marathon mark but oh well.

I ran Deep Hollow 5 k around 8 weeks pregnant. (Morning sickness and other runners body oder do NOT mix well)

I ran the Turkey Trot this Thanksgiving. (My older sister’s 1st 5k, kudos to her!)

I’m running the Bedford Christmas 5k this Saturday.

Then I have the 5k Jingle Bell Run, the 1st Night VA 5 k, the Bethany Hall 5k, and the Cupid Dash (in TEXAS! I get to visit my younger sister and her hubby, yay!) I just need two more 5 ks and I’ll have reached my goal 🙂

I went for a run today to keep my body (aka, Potato) used to running. I took Remus with me because Brian was off doing ROTC stuff, and we hit the trails at Liberty Mountain. Now, I have yet to see a sign that requires dogs to stay on leashes. I have no issue with dogs running free as long as they’re trained and don’t chase other people. I have no issue with taking Remus off the physical leash while running because he is trained aaaand…because I have the electrical zapper in case he misbehaves. It’s pretty much an electronic leash. I respect other people who may not like dogs, however, and when I run with Remus I require him to stay close so I can grab his collar and hold him off the trail for other runners/bikers.

I digress. The trail we ran on was single track, so I ran with Remus in front of me on the leash for the first tenth or so, and then gave up and took him off the leash because I kept running into him. He stayed a doggie length in front of me, happily trotting and sniffing and occasionally tripping. His antics made me laugh (which, if you’ve ever run before, you know makes it even harder to breathe) and we even succesfully crossed a creek! For those who are not aware, Remus is terrified of water. However, there was a little cut through trail that led across the creek to a dirt road. Remus heard a noise on the opposite bank, his ears perked up, then he glanced down at the creek, then back up at the noise, down at the creek, noise, creek, noise, creek. Finally, after a serious stare down at the creek, he takes a few tentative steps right up the edge, and then tries to dash across. He managed to get his front end across without mishap, but a back paw sliped on a stone and his tail took a splashing as he flailed it for balance before finally hauling his rear up the bank. Once I stopped laughing, I made it across the creek (managing to keep my own feet dry) and me and my soggy bottomed dog made it to the road and the mile back to the parking lot without further mishap.

Here’s hoping the Potato lets me reach my running goal! If I don’t gain enough weight it’s couch potato time (ha! ha!).


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