Real Girls Have Curves!


“Real men go for curves, only dogs like bones!”

Well, then. My hubby and I are imaginary.

I have an issue with the “Real Women Have Curves” campaign that is plastered all over Memes on Pinterest and Facebook (paradoxically next to all those motivational workout photos of girls in spandex with six-pack abs).

Lets take a trip back to public school, how about highschool? At home around the kitchen table, my little sister and I are talking about body image pet peeves. She says, “I hate, hate, HATE when people circle their thumb and finger around my wrist and go “You’re so skinny! I bet I could do this all the way up your arm!”

Lets take a trip even farther back, middle school, I’m thirteen. I’m sitting in the bath tub watching the water drain, drained from the teasing and bullying I encountered from kids in my class. “Dear Lord, ” I pray, “Please, please give me breasts. Please.”

How about when my eighth grade swim coach kicks me out of the water ten minutes into practice because my skin has turned purple and it’s freaking him out? Sorry, no body fat…

We aren’t real girls? Because we were born with fast metabolisms and tall genes? We ate like pigs growing up, our friends fast realized that our being skinny had nothing to do with an eating disorder. I remember finishing off four cheeseburgers, two apples pies and a supersized fries and drink on the way back from a marching band competition and thinking nothing of it.

I’ve finally filled in a little since then (before I was pregnant, I’ve definitely filled in since Potato arrived on the scene, haha), I can look at recent pictures without cringing at the way my collar bones stick out, or how my knees look bulbous, but I’m not curvy, and before getting pregnant I was still reading underweight on the BMI.

You know what? Whoopdeedo. That is how I’m made. I’m happy, and healthy, and yes, skinny. I don’t have a six-pack, and I don’t have much of a butt either. I AM a real girl, despite my small frame, and my husband, hallelujah, is truly partial to my bonyness.

So stop it, world. Stop making these grandiose sweeping statements about who does or does not qualify to be “real” or “sexy” or whatever based on body image. I’m tired of it. It has taken me a long time to be happy with how I look, ESPECIALLY the shape of my body, and I have developed that peace of mind mostly due to the persistant reassurance and love of my husband and a ton of prayer. Stop trying to make women who have a size 8 frame fit into a size 4, and stop saying that an A cup is not real, worth it, sexy, or whatever.

If I AM imaginary, I’m having a lot more fun in my imaginary world than all you judgemental people in reality.

**DISCLAIMER** I get it, I do, our current day and age idolizes the super skinny in fashion magazines and Barbie toys, my mother is an Eating Disorder Specialist I’d have to be blind not to realize the consequence of the “skinny ideal”. But turning around and judging people who are skinny is just switching the blame, it does NOTHING to solve the issue of girls and women developing healthy and happy and REALISTIC perceptions of their body shape. So yes, I stand by what I say, I still have an issue with the “Real Girls Have Curves” campaign.


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  1. Nice Post. I was always the skinny one, too. I prayed the same prayer as a middle-schooler that one day I’d grow up and have boobs. Never happened, except when I had my babies and was nursing. A year later, they disappeared! Anywho, somewhere around my 27th year, I fully realized what being complete in Christ was and I was content with my body. Glad to know someone else shares a similar story. cheers!


  2. Yeah, I’ve already gone up one cup size with this pregnancy and it is WEIRD! Thanks for commenting, it’s always nice to know other people have experienced the same thing and understand where I’m coming from on topics. 🙂


  3. So true. It has always bothered me that department stores will categorize the clothes into three departments: Juniors, Petites, and “Woman”. Now, what makes me, a petite, not a woman? I certainly am!! I have birthed 3 babies, breastfed them all and have all the right “parts”. Why do they glorify curves? It’s bothered me but I try to remember that my husband loves this body, and so do I. 😉
    Oh, and I tagged you! Check out my blog to see what you “get” to do:


  4. My sisters and I always wished along with the Petite section they’d have a Tall section. If we’re going to start breaking up clothing sections based on body size, pants that cover our ankles would be nice haha 🙂 If being petite disqualifies you from womanly-ness (even though you have a stellar woman resume!) then we can form an imaginary women club and anyone who feels judged based on body type can freely join. I wonder how many “real” women that would leave?

    And thanks for tagging me!


  5. ugh. that stupid arm thing. The good thing now is I have a husband whose arms are not-so-small and are quick to pummel anyone who touches me in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable! 🙂 God provides! haha

    Loved your rant though — it just goes to show that no matter what decision you make, what size you wear, what style you love, there will always be someone (who needs a lot of prayer) who is so insecure in their own skin they’ll stop at nothing to make you feel out of place in your own. And they’ll succeed if we begin to entertain their misconceptions and ignore the Psalmist when he says, “I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are you works, my soul knows it very well.”- Psalm 139:14

    How lovely! Our soul is totally unperturbed by our pants size.

    I love you!


  6. “Our soul is totally unperturbed by our pants size.” hahaha, love this! You should add it to a collection of sayings for your first women’s ministry book 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed my venting, and I’m glad I can rejoice in being fearfully and wonderfully made (skinny, in my case) without feeling guilty about it!


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