If Santa were real…


…people would be a lot nicer Christmas shopping.

Seriously, if you knew that Santa was tallying up how many times you tailgated/cut some one off/laid on the horn/flicked the bird/muttered angrily at your steering wheel/almost caused an accident or pushed aside another shopper/judged loudly slow walkers in the mall/snarled at a store employee/or any other typical-but-not-nice Christmas shopping behavior, you would be a lot nicer.

If people actually got lumps of coal in their stocking for bad behavior vs. FREE COOL STUFF for good behavior, we’d all work harder at being good.

At least the Grinch wasn’t a hypocrite.

With that thought, I’ve been tagged to list my 5 Christmas Wishes by AtlantaMomofThree so here are the rules. I list my 5 wishes, I tag 5 unsuspecting souls to do the same 😀

Here we go!

1. PATIENCE- for myself, and everyone else. We could all use a little extra of it. To borrow the great definition from my older sister when explaining “patience” to her daughter: “Patience is waiting for something with a good attitude.” GOOD ATTITUDES PEOPLE. Even shopping.

2. TOLERANCE- no, seriously, I wish for this, for myself and everyone. Tolerance is NOT agreeing with everyone, it means respectfully holding your own beliefs to be true and valid, but not getting angry/defensive/judgemental if someone disagrees with you. It does not mean compromising your beliefs, but it does not mean bashing other people over the head with them either. For example, I say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and I really don’t care to bash people who chose to say one or the other. Stop the judgement. If you truly believe whole heartedly that one saying is better than the other, than go you. As for me, I’m Happy and Merry and Christmas is a Holiday.

3. LAUGHTER- My family is nuts, and it’s gotten nutsier with the addition of husbands (Yup, I’m calling y’all out Nick, Brian, and John. Y’all are nuts, too). One of the biggest things I appreciate about my nutsy family, is the frequent, loud, and varied laughter. It’s great. I wish everyone has a Christmas FULL of laughter (it burns calories, too!).

4. HEALTH- I know this is not possible for everyone, but I truly wish that everyone could be healthy for Christmas. I am extremely thankful for my good health (even if I’m a bit accident prone) and I wish everyone could enjoy the same. I don’t know if this is more of a wish or a prayer request, but I’m counting it.

5. MORE WISHES! Muahaha, nothing in the rules said I couldn’t wish for more wishes. Then I could wish for love, joy, peace, (already did patience), kindness, goodness, faithfullness, gentleness and self-control! Truly, I wish for a succesful Lottie Moon offering this year and blessings on the missionaries celebrating Christmas far from home. I am glad our church is mission-minded, it makes me more aware of the importance of my testimony as a Christian, and the importance of prayer for those who don’t understand the joy of knowing Christ.

TAG! You’re it 🙂

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