It’s OK Thursday…


One of the few link ups I’ve actually participated in and I managed to do it in time!

…that I give all the movements I feel the Potato making distinct conversation potential and assume it is making those movements in response to something I’m saying/doing. Soon I’ll be letting it pick out my outfits in the morning!

…that Remus stinks. Gosh darn it, it’s hard to wash him and I’m the only one who does so on a regular basis. Kudos to my dad for helping me these last few times!

…that I’ve taken all these pictures to put on my blog and I never get around to posting them. C’est la vie!

…that I get my best sleep after Brian leaves the bed to go run (between 4am-7am) so I not so secretly have selfish intentions when I encourage him to meet his milage goal for the week.

…that the Potato’s favorite position is breech on it’s belly right now, and it drove the ultra sound tech crazy because it would squirm and swim and roll, but it wouldn’t stay turned over. Took over an hour to get all the necessary pictures and involved much rolling of my own to try and provide a better angle.

…that I’m eating everything in sight. My OB said to not stress so much about my weight, Potato looks fine (and weighs 13 ounces), but I’m starving constantly.

…that the puzzle isn’t done yet, or even halfway done. But I have a picture of my progress! (I just haven’t posted it yet.)

…that my running pace is super slow right now. Running, not walking. Actually, I’m trying to convince myself this is ok since it’s so much slower than my normal running pace (which isn’t speedy to begin with). Brian keeps reminding me that I’m pregnant and it’s the miles that count not the speed…so it’s ok…it’s ok…it’s really ok…I’m working on it.

…that I’m in love with my black suede, Italian, specialty designed boots that Brian bought me last Christmas and coddle them like I’ve never coddled my shoes before. (It looks damp outside, I’ll wear a different pair…hmmm, thats a lot of walking I don’t want to scuff them…Remus, if you step on my feet I will chop off your paws…)

…that Brian knows the Potato’s gender and I don’t. Seriously, it’s not just ok, it’s a lot of fun 🙂

Thats all for now!

If you want to link up, just head on over to A Complete Waste of Makeup and link up with Amber and Neely 🙂


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  1. He KNOWS and you don’t?! Wow, you both have a whole lot of self-control! DId I miss that post – had you planned to not find out but he wanted to?


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