You Think I’M Nuts…


This post is an homage to my husband’s determination and calls into questions his sanity.

I have run 2 ultra marathons in my life, Holiday Lake 50k+ (about 33 miles) and Promised land 50k+(about 34 miles). I’d love to run Holiday Lake again next February, but that is where my running ambition ends.

My husband, Brian, ran 20 miles (10 straight uphill, 10 straight downhill) on Tuesday, 19 miles Thursday, and will run 10 miles tomorrow. He’s “building up his legs” in preperation for this coming year. If, IF, he can maintain his running schedule what with his graduate classes and ROTC, AND remain injury free, he is planning on racing 555.7 miles starting December 31st, 2012 and ending December 14th, 2013. Those are just the miles he’s racing, he’s hoping to stay around 50-60 miles weekly, with a few months of 70-80 miles a week.

He’s running a few 5ks with me, which is sweet, I appreciate the company. One, maybe two 10ks, maybe a marathon (he calls marathons “good training runs”) and then multiple 50ks, a few 50milers, a 100k and also, oh yeah, Grindstone again.

Yup. That race he ran in 2008 after a knee injury killed his training pre a 6week trip to Russia which was a lot of fun, but cut our caloric intake by half. We came back lighter and a little sick, he had a little over a month to get into “shape” and then he ran 23, 200 feet of elevation gain AND an equal 23, 200 feet of elevation loss (that’s 46,400 feet of total elevation change. How about them mountains…) over 2 days. 100 miles. 37 HOURS and 44 minutes later he limped across the finish line. We slept on the floor for the next week because he couldn’t climb into bed. He spent most of the day laying down, with me rubbing his legs down with icy hot every so many hours and alternating heat and ice packs on pretty much everything. I paced 30 of the last 36 miles with him because he was bonafide delusional, kept talking about a house we had to get to or they wouldn’t let him finish. I gave up arguing with him and instead repeated, “The house is over here, you just have to keep going…”

He wants to do that again?! True, he’s in much better over all shape now than he was then, even his “slow runs” are much faster, and if he can keep on his schedule he’ll be in ridiculously good shape instead of pretty pathetic shape like the last time…but really? I am torn between awe and serious concern for his mental well being.

Did I mention Grindstone is in October? Guess what’s in Novemeber…Mountain Masochist 50 (+) miler. They call it Masochist for a reason. And that last race in December? Hellgate 100k (supposedly 62 miles, but those who have run the race state it is closer to 66 miles).

It would be awesome if he could pull this off. Seriously awesome. That would be the Lynchburg Ultra Series AND the Beast Series, plus a few extra 50ks he’s running “for fun.” He’s probably not going to get another shot at this since the LUS and Beast series are around here and we have no idea where we’ll be stationed once he gets commissioned Spring 2014. I’m praying he can pull this off. I’m also praying that he isn’t certifiably insane.

I’m planning on taking the Potato to some of the shorter races to cheer him on 🙂 I’ll probably go with him and sit in the car and scrapbook for some of his longer weekly runs, too, just to try and keep him motivated.


***By the way, the other big prayer request is that I do NOT go into labor on April 27th or April 28th. That’s the date for Promise Land 50k, required for both the LUS and Beast Series. Obviously, he’ll miss the race to be with me, but I’d rather that didn’t happen. I know I can’t decide when I’ll go into labor, but I’m really, really hoping it isn’t on those dates! I’d love to see him meet these goals, as crazy as they may seem. 🙂



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