I didn’t really have a list of resolutions for last year, just vague efforts to get back into running shape and to continue to improve my diet. However, this year I’m back in the game! My family used to do New Year’s Resolution every New Years night, first going through the previous year’s list and checking off the ones we accomplished. What I liked so much about our tradition is that you always put a few down that you were pretty sure you could accomplish, and then you’d but a few down that you really wanted to accomplish but they weren’t such a “sure thing”. I’m pretty sure none of us ever managed to meet ALL of our resolutions, but by creating so many new goals for each year, we continued to push ourselves. I, who am a chronic procrastinator, need that push. SO! Without further ado, my list.

1. No soda (an oldie, but a goodie. Especially wanting to be healthy for the Potato come spring).

2. Cook 3 new recipes, at least 1 has to be using the crockpot. (As part of this challenge, Brian has to at least try a bite of each.)

3. Read 10 new books and at least 1 has to be on/of/about Theology.

4. Run the Turkey Trot, Jingle Bell Run, and First Night Virginia 5k.

5. Start training for Holiday Lake 50k (February 2014).

6. Get a job. Preferably a work at home type deal (and NOT selling candles, makeup, purses, or any other brand/item that requires parties/order forms. That is just not my personality at all, I would be miserable). OR find a place to volunteer regularily.

7. Run a 5k in 25minutes (I know, I know, I’m not usually a speedy runner-but speed work helps endurance and I needed a goal to keep me doing speed work)

8. Finish 2011 scrapbook and start on 2012.

9. HAVE A BABY! (Excited about this one.)


Brian’s Resolutions

1. Read 5 new books

2. Finish the LUS and BEAST Ultra Marathon Series (ROTC permitting). Link here in case you missed his nutsy running goals for 2013.

3. Get a 4.0 Spring and Fall semesters. (Got a 4.0 last semester, woohoo!)

4. Survive trying 3 new recipes made by Sarah


Brian’s list is kindof short, but what with ROTC and school and all the running he needs to be doing, PLUS becoming a dad in the spring…yeah, he doesn’t have a lot of time. I know, I don’t really either, but I’ll be at home more than he will, and I don’t have exams or field training exercises. Come Spring it’ll be a lot of late night feedings and trying to perserve my sanity dealing with a crying, pooping, tiny person- so the goals will give me something to entertain me that ISN’T all baby all the time.

I may add a few more goals here and there as the year progresses, but these are enough to get started on. Happy 2013 y’all! What are your goals for the year? Here’s a link to my cousin’s blog with her 2013 To-Do list for more ideas!


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