December Fitness Challenge and Running



I finished the December Health and Fitness Challenge hosted by Atlantamomofthree and she made this cool button award thingie 🙂 It got a little dicey near the end of December with a pulled muscle/tendon/ligament/SOMETHING in my hip. I stopped running entirely and concentrated on walking to give it a break in hopes I could at least complete the last two 5 ks I had registered for on Dec 31 and Jan 1. Mission accomplished!

On Dec 31st Brian and I ran the First Night Virginia 5k in Charlottesville (2nd annual). Good course, a little hilly but nothing like the Lynchburg Turkey Trot, I’m adding it to my list of annual 5ks I like. It was a TINY race. Maybe 100 people? 120? Very small, but kind of fun for that reason.

On Jan 1st we ran the 1st annual Bethany Hall 5k which is a race to support a women’s center in Roanoke that deals in part with pregnant women who need support. I found this very fitting as I waddled to the start. Ok, so I’m not really waddling yet, but my hip was still giving me issues so my stride wasn’t completely normal either. It was on the Roanoke Greenway, which is a beautiful paved path following the river. A very flat race, Brian’s GPS read a total of 39 feet elevation gain. 39 feet! We usually measure elevation gain in the 100’s and 1000’s of feet. Also, being the first time this race has ever been held, they got the turn around point wrong and it ended up being half a mile short. I almost made a personal best 5k time waddling! If it had actually been a complete 3.1 miles, it would’ve definitely been my slowest race yet, but the Potato sure isn’t getting any lighter so I’m trying not to let this bug me. I want to run this race again next year, it was definitely a pretty course.

I may, MAY, attempt the Arctic 5k held at LU in a few weeks, but we’ll see.

The Cupid Dash in Texas was cancelled, Brian and I are really bummed about that because we really wanted the t-shirts. Oh well, I still get to visit my sister and BIL in Dallas! Woohoo! er…yeehaw!

I’m taking a break from the running now though so the hip thingie hopefully goes away completely. I’m still walking Remus when I can, which is a good 10-30 minutes of exercise depending on how cold/dark it is outside when we walk him. Potato doesn’t seem to have been effected by my running and is still as active as ever. Sometimes the little booger rolls and squirms so much it actually makes me motion sick when I’m sitting completely still. Fantastic. I hit 23 weeks on New Years, yay, that means I’m over the pregnacy hill and coming down the other side!

Brian has challenged me to watch 52 new movies in 2013. Any genre. Buh. That’s a lot of mindless sitting still. However, what’s a good New Years Resolution list without at least one resolution that makes you grit your teeth, right? We watched Pitch Perfect yesterday at the dollar theater (I thought it was pretty funny) and then Valhalla Rising at home. WEIRD movie, that, and not one I’d recommend to anyone. If that’s your cup of tea, good for you, I thought it would never end. We have Hotel Transylvania scheduled for today (yay animation!). He’ll probably want to watch another movie tonight since he’s still on break from school. I guess I’m off to a good start.

I’m reading a new book right now on introverts and I guarantee there will be future posts on the subject.

That’s all for now.


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  1. Congrats on completing the H & F Challenge!! And for doing those (almost) 5K’s. 😉 I can’t believe they messed up the mileage by .5 of a mile! lol
    When I was that far along with Samuel, it hurt when he moved, kicked and squirmed about! I think it was his position because it got better a few weeks later. Phew!
    I’m sorry about your hip. Sounds like walking is the way to go right now. ❤
    Wow, that's a LOT of movies! Have fun!!


    • Yeah, Brian and I were definitely laughing as we crossed the finish line because of the milage mix-up. He wears a GPS watch that has so far proven to be pretty darn accurate so we realized at the turn around that they had made a mistake. It was better for my hip though, so I’m not really complaining, we still had a great time 🙂

      Yikes! I can’t imagine hurting from all the kicks and rolls at this point! I’m glad it improved for you further along. So far the only pain I think is directly pregnancy related is the back aches, the squirming is uncomfortabe sometimes but the only thing I have to worry about is when it’s squirming so much it makes me nauseous.

      It is entirely too many movies for my poor ADHD brain. But I’m going to make a good effort, because Brian really likes watching movies so it’s something we can do together. He’s even agreed to let me puzzle during some of them when we watch them at home so I don’t go completely nuts with sitting still 😛 Maybe I’ll start knitting again, too.


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