It’s Gonna be a Loooong Semester…


I have a feeling a running theme for the next year and half is going to be Brian’s continual struggle to get his Master’s Degree. Quick recap for those new to the blog: My hubby is prior enlisted and is going to LU to get his Master’s Degree and Officer commission in one fell swoop. Great plan, except the only Master’s program he could take in two years (the military only allows two years and that is final) without any prerequisites was a MA in Human Services with a business concentration. If you know Brian, you are already laughing. Let’s just say he would be a HORRIBLE counselor and counseling is the department his degree falls under.

 Here are some snippets from the past few days to better illustrate the current situation.

Brian: “Oh, goodie, I get to read “The Life You’ve Always Wanted.” …apparently I don’t have it.”

Brian, reading aloud:” “Chapter 1, the Hope of Transformation…” There is hope out there, woman! And it’s in this chapter! I can’t wait.”


TEXT CONVO during class break:

Brian: Question we all have to answer after the break: “Who am I?”

Brian: Maybe I should go Stacy Jaxx (Rock of Ages reference), “only I know me because I live in here…”

Me: Sheesh, they’re going to end up regarding you as the class project. The pet sociopath they can try and use behavioral conditioning on to teach appropriate empathetic responses.

Brian: Theres an idea.


Discussing the class afterwards, Brian, very sarcastically: “He said we’ll actually get to Hope in chapter 3. I’ll be Skully, you be Moulder.”

Me: “Have you figured out who you are yet? If he asks, I think you should answer “I’m wanted, dead or alive.””

Brian spent the rest of the time doing theatrical impressions of being transformed into the “Me I’ve always wanted to be” (Hello Dr. Seuss, who came up with these chapter titles?!) and reflecting that he hadn’t realized he was so unhappy with his life until this class told him so.

Later, trying to help him with his homework which are all questions that require personal reflection, introspection, considering how family and society has impacted your current behavior, etc., etc.

Me, head in hands: “I’m pretty sure REMUS has spent more time introspectively examining his existence than you.” Brian bursts out laughing.


I’ve given up for tonight.


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