February Prep


I hate February. Every year I devise ways to get through the 28 (or occasionally 29) days of evil with varying success. My natural cheerfulness seems to be directly tied to the amount of sunlight during the day, so I normally start getting increasingly gloomy as daylight wanes in the fall and into the winter, and get increasingly peppy as the sun returns in Spring. This holds true even when working night shift.

One tried and true method to fight the blues for me, however, has always been exercise-usually in the form of running. Hence, my endevour to run the equivalent of a marathon in 5ks before the Potato’s grand entrance. Unfortunately, my last 5k will be this Saturday, and far from a run I’m hoping just to be able to finish WALKING it. I’ve got that lovely pelvic pain from those joint relaxing hormones that, I’m sorry to say, feels like someone is stabbing knives into my lady parts. TMI? I apologize, but it’s true. Completing the what-used-to-be-a-mile-walk with Remus has turned into a waddle halfway down the hill and encourage him to run the rest of the way down without me.

My husband, on the other hand, is still running all these “training runs” of 20+ miles with “shorter” runs of 10-15 miles in preperation for his crazy race schedule. He’s looking a lean, mean, running machine…and I’m 20lbs heavier than I have ever been in my entire life and appalled that my chest can actually rest on my stomach when I slouch. AHH!!!

So my usual season disgruntledness and my anticipated loathing of February has been in full swing, making me just a bundle of laughs and warm fuzzies. Potato has been kind enough to kick me out of my bad moods (Literally. I forget I feel gross and bloated when my little munchkin goes on an acrobatic spree, it’s just so neat!) but I’m far from cured and I don’t have my usual outlet to help bring on the endorphins so I’ve been mostly sitting around moping.

Well, not anymore! I just can’t stand being gloomy anymore, chalk it up to ADHD but I’m getting a little bored being a grump 24/7 and February is coming up fast. SO, since I can’t run, I grabbed the dinky 5 lb weights from downstairs and started a light upper body workout plus some wall sits for my legs. All within safe “pregnancy parameters”, but enough to get the blood flowing a little bit and kick in some feel good chemicals (I hope). Take that February! I’ve got a vacation scheduled smack in the middle of you and I’m going to be exercising whatever body part I’m allowed to until this baby is born. You won’t bring me down this year.

 Honest to goodness, people talk about things they miss “being able to indulge in” due to being pregnant…I just can’t wait to run again! I’m strapping Potato into a carrier or stroller and we are going to spend some time enjoying the great outdoors at a brisk jog… It’d be nice to be able to put on my socks without a struggle, too, I’ll give you that one.

Anyone else dislike a specific month of the year? Anyone else actually like the month of February? (if so, what is wrong with you?!)


**I know quite a few people who are born in the month of February (including my 2 brother-in-laws) and I am VERY glad they were born and more than happy to celebrate their birthdays…but that doesn’t lessen my overall detestation of the month, sorry.


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    Ok, and you guys too. I mean you can bring Brian, I guess 😉

    If it’s any consolation we’re currently experiencing 70 degree awesomeness here so there’s a high likelihood it’ll actually be pretty weather when you get here! yay! 🙂


    • Woohoo! That would be awesome! Maybe we could visit “The Lake” of Instagram fame and let Brian run a few laps, though he might be tuckered out after jogging from the airport to y’alls place. 😛


      • Oh. We’re going to the lake. There’s no question. 🙂 I think Brian would like it because it’s significantly flatter than what he’s used to 😉 And he’ll just have to suck it up and deal after jogging from the airport. In all honesty, he might beat us home if we’re in rush hour traffic haha!


  2. I’m not a fan of January OR February! I totally get what you mean about missing the sunshine. I feel like a flower withour a source of light and energy!! 😉
    I’m sorry you’ve been less than comfortable lately. But isn’t it awesome to see your little move around like that?! Love it!! Please don’t be appalled about ANY aspect of how you look/how your body is doing! You will get your body back and this will all be worth it when he or she is out – I promise!! ❤


    • Thanks for the encouragement! It is definitely awesome to see and feel all the little thumps and bumps, hands down my favorite part about being pregnant and no matter how bloated I feel some days I wouldn’t trade growing my little Potato for anything. 🙂


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