Photo Re-Cap of Potato Races


I have completed my goal of racing the equivalant of a marathon while pregnant. Actually, a marathon is 26.2 miles and I’ve raced 27.3 🙂 Here’s my journey in pictures.

Deep Hollow 5k and Half Marathon

Deep Hollow 5k and Half-Marathon. Brian ran the half, I ran the 5k. I was around 10 weeks pregnant and the smell of other runner’s BO was overpowering, but besides fighting the nausea I felt pretty good.

Turkey Trot

Turkey Trot! My older sister’s 1st (and probably only) 5k, and my younger sister and her husband came all the way from Texas just to run! …Ok, they actually came because it was Thanksgiving, but whatever. It was freezing but we had a great time 🙂

Peaks of Otter Christmas Classic 5k

Peaks of Otter Christmas Classic 5k. I felt Potato give me a few emphatic kicks near the end of this race, unsure whether it was in approval or trying to get me to cut it out, haha.

Then came the Jingle Bell 5k, which was so much fun! But unfortunately I think the only pictures I have on it are on my phone and I haven’t uploaded them to the computer yet. However, you can read my brief snippet of it here!

First Night 5k

First Night Virginia 5k. Relatively small 5k, but it was kindof fun. We hope to do it again this year.

First Night VA 5k

The day after the First Night 5k we ran the Bethany Hall Resolution Run 5k in Roanoke. It was the “first annual” for this race, which is pretty cool, but they messed up the milage a little and instead of being 3.1 miles it was only 2.6. That’s ok, even missing the half mile I still met my racing goal 😛 The proceeds for the run went towards a women’s organization that spent a good portion of it’s funds on pregnant women. I thought that very a propos as it was no longer possible to hide my Potato bump, even wearing Brian’s shirts.

Arctic 5k Jimmy's 1st 5k

Arctic 5k! Advertised as the most challenging 5k in Virginia and I wouldn’t argue. Pretty much straight up and straight down the entire course. It was Jimmy’s first 5k (guy in the 2nd picture…same guy Brian roped into doing the GoRuck Challenge) and his wife (my sister in law) took pictures so we actually have proof of crossing the finish line!

Brian finishing the Charlotte Ultra Run 50k Sexy and I know it

The Charlotte Ultra Run 10k and 50k. I ran the 10k and blogged about it in the previous post. Check out my outfit, I am SEXY. I think the neon pink compression sleeves really compliments the lime green racing shirt, and Brian’s khaki shorts just ties the whole ensemble together. Oh, yeah, the other picture is Brian finishing his 1st 50k for this year 🙂 Remember the ridiculous running scheme he has planned for this year? He’s running Holiday Lake 50k this weekend. I love my crazy man.

So there you have it! Potato has finished over a marathon in races before birth 😛


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