Pregnancy Prayer Request…and Whining


“Dear God, I am very thankful for this little miracle growing in my belly (even though it seems a little bit like the movie “Alien” when it moves) and I know I once prayed for some additional curves when I was in middle school…but I’m now feeling just a bit overwhelmed with my new, er, abundance. Could I maybe not go up yet another size?”

Seriously, that request has been fervently prayed in various forms daily for the past week.

I feel large and off-balance, which I know is normal for this far along in pregnancy, but it’s really frustrating because I like to be active and I can’t. I can do small things, like little weight exercises and walking, but those things are so booooorrrriiiinnnnggg! Especially because I’m constantly limited due to being pregnant. I’m not supposed to “over exert” myself. I can’t stretch my stride when I run because of the pelvic issue. I’m not supposed to use heavy weights because my ligaments/tendons are all loose. I’m not supposed to STRETCH too much because my ligaments are loose. Not supposed to lay on my back, can’t lay on my stomach, the only abdominal exercise I can manage is planks and pelvic tilts which are right up there with using a treadmill on enjoyment level. Not to mention, I see no progress and I feel no progress, because I’m fighting a losing battle so to speak. I don’t want to exercise “too much” and risk the Potato not getting enough nutrients or going in to pre-term labor, so instead I have to do all these lame non-challenging exercises that really don’t seem to have much effect on anything at all.

What running and walking I CAN do is even limited because of the pelvic pain my stride is so small and unnatural, it makes me even slower and I still don’t feel like I’ve actually accomplished anything. I walked 6 miles yesterday and it was great. As in, it didn’t bother my muscles in the slightest. Which is actually not great at all. I am chafing at the bit here, this is so not normal for me!

I can’t wait till Potato is here so I can be active again. I NEED to be active again. I feel lazy and gross.


In other, slightly contradictory news, I’m really excited about how quickly Potato is growing. 🙂 I try to focus on that more. At the ultrasound this past friday (28weeks 4days) Potato opened his/her eyes!

IMG_20130208_092534  Also, I never got around to posting this project on here. I made a potato sack for Potato 🙂 The outside is burlap, I stenciled the “POTATO” on with fabric paint, and then the lining is a soft white flannel. I handstitched button holes and threaded both color ribbons around it, so when the big day arrives I just have to remove a ribbon to leave the appropriate color for gender. Don’t worry, the sack is just for photo purposes, I’m not planning on leaving the munchkin in there for any extended amounts of time.


Thats all I’ve got! Sorry about the photo quality, they’re from my phone. I hit 29 weeks yesterday and the Potato is 3lbs 🙂



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  1. I felt the same way when I was pregnant with Samuel!!! I wanted so badly to be able to exercise like normal, but of course I was anything but NORMAL! I was a whale! Haha And yet I was soooo stinkin’ happy to be pregnant! What a contradiction! lol
    I love the potato sack – that’s so sweet! 😀


  2. Tell me about it! As if my hormones need another reason to make my moods vacillate between extremes, I am both grumpy and ecstatic about being pregnant. 😛 I’m glad you like the potato sack, I had a lot of fun making it 🙂


  3. That potato sack is adorable and I feel you on the inability to work out. I was so frustrated when I had to stop going to dance classes but driving 40 minutes to just to ballet bar and nothing else wasn’t worth it. Try to do some stretches and yoga.


    • Thanks so much for the encouragement! This last trimester has definitely worn on my patience, I’m so ready to not be pregnant anymore and finally meet my little Potato 🙂


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