Toilets vs. Restrooms


To continue my battle against the gloominess of February I scheduled a trip to Texas to visit my younger sister and brother-in-law. We had a slight hitch on the way down, the flight from Atlanta to Dallas had us stranded on the tarmac for over an hour while 10 maintaince guys squashed themselves into the cockpit and fought with the co-pilots emergency window which had apparently gotton stuck. But we got there safe and sound, and hungry 🙂

The first thing I noticed, however, wasn’t the enormous American flags, or the plethora of Texas flags, or anything relating to the Cowboys. No, the first thing I noticed was the signs in the airport indicating the restrooms said, “Toilets.” I find this hilarious. I have no idea if this is just a Texas thing, or a weird western/southern thing, or what, but every other airport I’ve been in-and almost all public places from sports stadiums to convention centers-signs indicating the “toilets” all say “restrooms.” Brian suggested maybe they were trying for accuracy, but I don’t see how toilets is any more accurate than restrooms. I do know that if I were at a fancy restauraunt or with people I don’t know well I ask “where are the restrooms?” not “Hey, uh, where’s the toilet?” Is it just me, or does “Toilets” seem some how less polite? It made me laugh. I tried to take a picture but I was trying to hurry and it came out blurry. Yes, I was that person, trying to take a picture of the “Toilets” sign in a crowded international airport.

Anyway, it was fantastic seeing my sister and her husband in their own home finally! They’ve been flying/driving out to Lynchburg for various occasions to visit family (mostly around holidays) so it was so nice to be able to visit them for a change 🙂

I checked “riding with Rachel driving through Dallas traffic” off my bucket list, fairly uneventfully, although she was not lying about the crazy Texan driving habits. I later found out I should’ve had “riding with John driving on exit ramps” to my list, so I added that and checked it off simultaneously. I live a life on the edge!

Here’s a quick photo recap.

First stop, a descriptively named “Taco Joint” for diner. It had some pretty Texas-y murals and some really good Tex-Mex food (the reasons Rachel gave for choosing it for our first “taste of Dallas”) but me being me, I fixated almost instantly on the chairs. They were cool retro diner chairs in all types of colors and they sparkled! Awesome.


If you can’t tell we’re related, you’re blind. People confused us as twins growing up (we’re two years apart in age-I’m older, and now almost three inches apart in height-she’s taller).


The next day we went to the lake! This is “The Lake” that should probably have it’s own account on Instagram based on my sister’s photos alone. Brian got up early and ran his twenty miles (after jumping two fences to get there). Rachel and I woke at a more sedate pace, ate banana panacakes which I actually really liked, and then drove over (no fence jumping) with a blanket and plates for a picnic!


Brian face planted on the blanket as soon as we laid it down. Apparently running 20 miles on a mini kit-kat for breakfast makes your sugar crash. Huh. Whodathunk? We joked that he looked like a homeless man we took pity on and invited for lunch. John came to the party bringing the essential goods, an ENORMOUS pizza from a place called “Serious Pizza.” I have pictures of the pizza and a great shot of John and Brian in the fancy “zero gravity” chairs that Rachel took, but I haven’t uploaded them on the computer yet, sorry.

Moving on. Rachel also had told us during the planning stages of this trip that she would introduce us to “Sprinkles” cupcakes. Brian, who has a ridiculous sweet tooth, was all for skipping pizza and heading straight to the cupcakes, but we resisted. Here is us eating them at last, I look downright scary, but the cupcakes were delicious!


Proof that we really are made for each other: after that initial bite- Brian licked off all the icing, and I ate the actual cupcakes. I don’t like icing that much, Brian likes icing way more than he likes cake. Match made in heaven 🙂

Rachel and John then made dinner that night, some yummy sausages that I want to eat again when I’m not preggo and therefore prone to indigestion, home made mac&cheese, corn muffins, and salad (which, I’m ashamed to admit, I didn’t eat any of. The rest of it was too good!) While John played with fire, Brian took this picture of me in the kitchen. Classic!


You can definitely tell I’m pregnant and I took my socks off just for the photo 😛

We ended Saturday night with Rachel and I continuing our almost nonstop conversation since we landed in Texas (it was sooooo good to visit!) while playing Skip-Bo and Sequence, and John and Brian battled it out over some Modern Warfare on the xbox.


Also, in that pic, notice the cool blue-ish wall of mirrors? I love how it looks, it’s a nice balance to all the pictures everywhere on the walls. Their apartment is pretty much a living scrapbook, it’s really neat.

So that’s my trip to Texas. It was a lot of fun. I have another adventure this weekend in Charlotte planned with my older sister, some sort of crazy maternity/baby consignment sale. I hope I remember to take pictures!

February will be over before I know it, yay!


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