All About Remus


I love my doofy dog and this blog originally started out all about him. I realized that I haven’t posted anything about my cute widdle fuzzy wumpus in a while, SO without further ado, here’s a post about Remus.

Remus doing yoga 🙂


He’s SUPER easily amused. Place his bone under a blanket, he’s good for thirty minutes. I love how his ears flop on top of his head.


Remus thinks he’s sneaky. He’s usually not allowed all the way into our room (Brian has allergies) but we let him lay down in the entry way. When Brian’s back is turned at his computer, Remus will belly crawl a few inches forward at a time to get further into the room “laying down” if Brian turns around. No matter how many times Brian catches him and sends him back into the hallway, Remus persists. I just laugh.


He’s so snuggly! ….until I shave him for the warmer weather, then he just looks pathetic, haha.


Before and After


Remus is such a good dog, I am so glad we have him. He may be a little large, but he’s a goof and sweet and pretty laid back (in comparison with most smaller dogs, although he does have his exuberant fits of energy-especially when his Frenchbull dog cousin Winston is around to play with). He’s biggest “annoyance factor” or whatever you want to call it, is that he loves people. He wants so badly to be a lap dog, he’ll follow you around, shove his nose in your face, leeeaaaannnnnn against your legs while you’re standing, headbutt under your elbow while you’re walking down the hall carrying a drink (he really is that tall) and basically be a pest. But he’s a cute pest 🙂

My favorite thing that he does recently, and I just can’t manage to ever get a picture of it, is he’ll come up to me wanting attention when I’m standing in the kitchen or when I walk in the front door and he’ll lay his head on my belly looking straight up at me. It’s hard to resist that overlarge nose and those funny looking ears while his crooked tail is windmilling away and thwacking the walls.

So there you have it. A post about Remus.


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