I’ve figured out why my fundal height keeps measuring small or just barely at normal for my last several weeks of OB appointments! Intially, I was right on the money, they whipped that measuring tape out, laid it down and were like, “You’re good.” Now, it takes them forever, and they fuss, and readjust it, and the hand holding the tape in my pelvic region creeps lower and lower every time (she REALLY needs to pay attention to where she’s mashing) as if they can somehow magically get the tape measure to read what they want than everything will be ok. Sometimes I get measured by two different people. I’m gaining weight fine, and Potato still has PLENTY of room (judging by the frequent activity which has yet to slow down or get less intense, although Potato does sleep for longer stretches-thank goodness), but my uterus height just refuses to match up in centimeters to my appropriate week.

I took a good look in the mirror this morning (something I kind of avoid usually) and the lightbulb went on. EUREKA!

My uterus is sideways.

baby belly

It grew up and down and straight forward like normal (first figure in the picture) and then decided to expand HORIZONTALLY instead of vertically.

It is really weird looking, my hips are just as narrow as ever, but right above them I balloon out. Not fluff, it’s taut just like the rest of my belly, and Potato kicks in these little “pockets” especially when I’m laying on my side. It used to look like someone put a giant egg directly on top of my stomach and just pulled the skin down over top of it. I still had a waist and little strips of “normal” on either side of the egg. Now my uterus is pretending it’s a flotation device and trying to wrap around my sides.

Really bizarre looking, but now at least I know why Potato is still apparently fine even if the OB nurses can’t get my measurement to look all perfect on my chart. I’m going to tell them next time that they’re doing it wrong, they need to measure sideways.

I’m 35 weeks today! Starting next week I have appointments every week (buh).


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  1. No worries! My little guy did the same thing to me, always measured small in fundal height and was pretty darn active up until maybe the last week or two. He was beautiful and perfect when he finally arrived. Wishing you all the best in the next few weeks!


    • April 30th is my official due date, but so far my body has been cooperative and progressing so my doc has said “any day now” 🙂 I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but I can’t wait to see Potato!


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