I’m Dreaming…of Conquering Swedish Countries?


Weird dreams are not all that unusual for me, in fact, they’re kind of par for the course. Every once in awhile I’d run a particularly complicated one past my older brother and have him amateur psycho-analyze it for me, great fun! I’ve been told pregnancy dreams are “vivid” and often “bizarre” so I happily clicked on over to the websites to see what kind of pregnancy dreams other people were having and what they could mean.

Most were centered around babies. This confused me. Why would having a dream involving a baby while pregnant be bizarre? Seems like the connection there is pretty obvious.

My dreams?

– I had a passionate interlude with a female vampire ghost. … I woke up laughing. I mean seriously? How does one even become a vampire ghost? Aren’t vampires already undead? So do they die twice? Or…if they die from being undead wouldn’t that make them alive? And although I say “passionate interlude” it wasn’t an erotic dream, I went about kissing the female vampire ghost very practically, like this is what one does when friends with vampire ghosts. And that was it. ???

– I orchestrated/observed the conquering of a country that was somehow “Swedish” in culture-although I really have no idea what that even means. The dream played out like a documentary and was very detailed. At one point I distinctly remember laying out battle plans on a map, at another point I was running over details for a political event/speech to encourage the take over, but I watched things happen from the sidelines. I did not fight in the battles, nor did I deliver the speeches.

-Weirdest of all…I haven’t dreamt! (I know, that means I’ve dreamt and finished my REM cycle and thus didn’t remember the dream, but that’s REALLY weird for me.)

About once a month I’ll have a dream that involves a baby. Dreams about everyday normal stuff with the baby, no anxiety or nightmares or weirdness. Usually just vague snippets of talking with the baby or walking the baby in a stroller. Not super exciting. Not very vivid or bizarre either.

I did dream about labor/post-delivery once, recently. And I had a boy. And then I was somewhere else getting dressed in pre-pregnancy clothes, went out and about with Brian, and then came back after an hour to the hospital to check on the baby. The baby was not in the NICU, just laying in the “crib” in the hospital room, but the whole sequence of events proceeded like it was perfectly normal to leave your newborn unattended straight after delivery and pick it up later like ordering a pizza. That doesn’t count as weird to me, that seems a pretty normal dream. Dreams don’t usually match reality, but it dealt with everyday boring stuff, nothing out of the ordinary. Pish. I stress out enough about post-delivery during the day, my brain was probably just telling me to knock it off.

So, all in all, not real impressed with “pregnancy dreams” as any more bizarre than my usual ones. Although the vampire ghost and the Swedish conquest were definitely up there with some of my stranger “out of nowhere” dreams.

Oh, and a side note. I think Brian is having cravings. Seriously. Besides my sweet tooth, which has actually faded in intensity a little bit, I’ve mostly just felt grumpy about eating anything (yay hormones!) like everything is unappealing so I shovel it down dutifully and grumble about it the whole time. Brian, on the other hand, has craved Japanese for the past month or so. I swear it’s the only place he wants to eat. Ever. We’ve now gone there on multiple occasions just the two of us (including today for lunch) and anytime his family wants to go out he tries his hardest to get everyone to go there, too. He tells me daily he “could really go for some Japanese.” So far I’ve managed to limit going with him to once a week. I love Japanese, but I just can’t eat it everyday.


In 20 more minutes it’ll be the 9th and I’ll be full term (37 weeks). 🙂

For those curious:

I’m pretty sure Potato has “dropped” or “engaged” or whatever.

I had an ultrasound last Tuesday (36 weeks) that measured Potato as 6lbs 12 oz, even though my fundal height is 4 cm small. Potato is also sunny side up, face towards my belly, back of head against my spine.

I’ve had some serious bouts of near panicky nesting followed by hours of lethargy.

—To that effect I’ve repacked my hospital bag 3 times, got the carseat installed and the stroller assembled, stocked all the changing stations (upstairs and downstairs), put sheets on the crib, got the monitor set up and in place, and purchased a few last minute stuff on my registry.

I’m 152lbs now and I don’t have stretch marks yet (gained 30-32lbs) but I do have that linea nigra thingie.

My heartburn disappeared almost overnight a few days ago.

I’m not swollen.

I had a killer calf cramp that has made me limp for 4 days. It still hurts some.

I think I may be having Braxton Hicks contractions. No, I don’t feel my belly tightening, but it’s so taut anyway I don’t know if I’d notice that. I AM having intermittent crampyness both abdominal and back.

The force of my urine stream could probably power a smart car.


That’s all for now! I will say some of my “lethargy” when it comes to getting ready for Potato’s arrival is that I feel like there is no way I can get everything done, so what’s the point of trying? Yay for hormonal mood swings!


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  1. Home stretch kiddo. No baby ever noticed that Mom and Dad didn’t get every last thing done before they arrived. You are doing great, and you and Brian are going to be amazing parents. And, as far as those Swedes go – go ahead, take them down. They are always so smug in their Swedishness anyhow. I hope that the next blog post starts off with, “Well, Potato was born today. We went out for a great lunch right after delivery and had Japanese. By the time we got back to the hospital, Potato was all cleaned up and ready to go…”
    You are in my prayers for a gentle labor and that all goes well.


    • Thanks!! I’m very glad I’m in the home stretch finally, and extremely thankful for the prayers 🙂 I hope the next blog post begins with “Potato was born today…” too, but I doubt it, haha. We’ll see…

      I have no idea what I have against the Swedish, though! lol


  2. Lol! You are doing FAR better than I did! At 35 weeks they couldn’t get my bp down so my “visit” turned into a delivery! And, of course, since I am the ultimate procrastinator I had NOTHING packed, in fact we had only finished up the nursery days before. Chuck ended up going to Baby’s R Us to buy a carseat! 😀 hehehe it was quite the adventure!


    • Whoa, that is quite the adventure! We don’t have an official “nursery”, the crib is in our room so in one sense, we had a lot less to plan. 🙂 I think the nesting instinct kicked in pretty hard for me though, maybe because I’m usually so scatterbrained that the thought of trying to do anything after Potato is born is scary.


      • Lol! My life is a crazy adventure! If she had been born right on time with no complications THAT would have been strange in my world! 😀 My opinion? Don’t stress over a nursery. Invest in a GOOD pac-n-play, those things are invaluable because of their versatility. We used it more than a crib. Then by 9 months she was sleeping in her twin bed. We had one side shoved against a wall then took a body pillow & slipped it under the fitted sheet on the “outside” so Hila Fay couldn’t roll out. Worked out perfectly for us. 🙂 But each child/parent is different.


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