You’ve never lived until…YOLO!


You’ve never lived until you’ve taken a cold shower after a ten mile run in 98+ degree heat.

You’ve never lived until you’ve attempted to push your husband into a tree because he’s cheerfully reminded you you still have 20 miles left to run.

You’ve never lived until you wake up so sore and exhausted from a previous workout that you stumble around making geriatric jokes all day.

You’ve never lived until you’ve experienced your eyeball freezing from running in winter on top of a mountain.

You’ve never lived until you pretend to be sleeping when your husband’s alarm goes off so you can ogle him as he changes into his running clothes.

You’ve never lived until you kiss someone just as sweaty, exhausted, and sore as yourself after finishing an ultra. Fondly scrapping the salt residue off their face and ignoring the odor of decomposition emanating from armpits.

You’ve never lived until you eat a slice of chocolate donut and guzzle a small cup of mountain dew at the last aid station before the finish line and you realize this is what heaven tastes like.


What? Running isn’t your thing? But, but…you only live once! You don’t know what you’re missing! YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!!


Annoying, isn’t it? So here’s the thing: I don’t like getting told I “haven’t lived” until I experience an event/drink/food/activity/whatever.

The truth is, yes, you only live once. And there is also only one you. What “living” is to you may not be “living” to someone else. So stop fussing at other people to “live” as you see fit and instead appreciate them for the variety they provide in the world and in your life. My ideal life is probably not the same as yours and that is perfectly ok.


That’s all.  🙂


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  1. I love this! I’ve only ran one marathon…but during training this winter I remember questioning if it was possible for my contacts to freeze to my eyeballs! And it IS a blessing to be able to run/train and race along with my husband.

    It seems that people who don’t run, don’t understand all these things that you’ve listed…and that’s fine with me. But I completely relate to your list! That’s one reason I have enjoyed blogging!


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