Induction Myths and the Godfather


This is a two part post. First part, a brief blurb about pregnancy induction myths.

Here’s my thing, sometimes even MEDICAL induction doesn’t work. They can be straight up pumping you full of Pitocin and stripping membranes and women STILL get “stuck” and end up with C-sections. Some more honest “natural induction” websites admit this and state, “these will only work if your body is already preparing for labor…” and yet some women still swear that these things work (WITHOUT FAIL! 100%! DID THIS AND 30MINUTES LATER WAS IN ACTIVE LABOR!) while other disgruntled women post (HAD SEX THREE TIMES A DAY FOR A WEEK AND STILL PREGNANT! THIS IS BS!) My take? C’mon people, if spicy food worked every time than why is the pre-mature birth rate not through the roof in India or Thailand? I can drink a gallon of Red Rasberry Leaf tea every day and if I’m one of those women for whom that particular herb helps than boy howdy I could go straight into labor! More likely, I’m just REALLY going to have to pee. As for walking or sex, goodness gracious, Potato wouldn’t’ve survived past week two if those were always “affective”! Pregnancy has to be a little bit resilient to every day life and activity otherwise noone would ever be able to carry full term. When you’re body starts prepping for labor, sure an extra dose of sperm delivered prostaglandins might help move things along, but if you’re body ISN’T prepping then those helpful swimmers probably aren’t going to do a whole lot. And even if you are beginning to dilate, your cervix may still just kind of chuckle and stick with it’s own time schedule. Some women are more susceptible to certain outside influences (which is why bedrest is still prescribed as practitioners try to keep the pregnancy to full term) but every single pregnancy is different, so no, NONE of these induction methods (medical or natural) are a guarantee.

With that said, I still like to try them out, because it’s a nice bit of distraction while I am waiting for Potato. Here’s my list that I’ve already tried.

-Walking (kinda been doing this one for awhile…)

-Red Rasberry Leaf Tea (it tastes good, strong, but a nice variation to my usual green tea)

-Spicy food (straight up munched some jalepenos. Yum!)

-Eggplant parmigiana (not lying, some people swear by it.)

-Warm bath (feels so good on my back, had no idea it was an “induction” technique until after I took one)

-“Positive Visualization” Ok, so I tell Potato to get out all the time (lovingly, jokingly, dead serious) and I happily imagine not being pregnant (while trying to ignore visualization of life with a newborn, haha) but so far this has just provided entertainment as I talk to my belly and hasn’t actually given me so much as a Braxton Hicks.

Things I refuse to attempt

-Castor oil

-Black or Blue Cohash

-Pineapple (I really don’t like pineapple)

Despite my attemps, despite Potato having dropped over two weeks ago, I am still pregnant. Seriously, that’s ok. Yes, I may be doing deep knee bends in the grocery store aisle and arguing with my unborn child, but in all honesty I want Potato to be healthy. If that takes another week or two, well, I’ll just amuse (slightly scare) all the more people in public with my increasingly strange calisthenics.

Part Two:

On to the Godfather! Wondering when I was going to get to that? Let me explain briefly. I’ve been wanting to do a post with baby photos of both Brian and I for speculation on what Potato will look like. Unfortunately, the photos of me as a newborn are faded and aged, and so small that scanning them to the computer makes them even more blurry. I’ve got some nicer “later months” photos, but I really wanted the “baby” baby shots. Fortunately (or unfortunately if you’re Brian) his family had all of their photos digitized to play as slides years ago so HIS baby photos are pretty crisp. Muahaha! So, without further ado 🙂

My beautiful picture ………………..GodfatherBrando

                                                       Anyone else see the resemblence? Is it just me?              (photo source)


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  1. “Pregnancy has to be a little bit resilient to every day life and activity otherwise no one would ever be able to carry full term” – You are so right!
    Haha Straight-up jalepeno, eh? I love those on nachos!
    I was the same with the walking all throughout my pregnancy, in fact I was power walking while IN labor (I had him 3 hours later) =)
    I love what you said about cultures where spicy food is so very common! lol


    • I love jalapenos! On nachos is definitely a yummy way to eat them.

      And yeah, some of the induction myths seemed to be blatantly problematic, haha.

      I hope to be walking during my labor as well! I don’t think mine will be quite as brief as yours (I wish!!) but I’m hoping walking will at least help. 🙂


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