Confessions of a Wannabe Trekkie


My hubby and I got to go see the new Star Trek with my in-laws and his sister and her husband. I loved it! Here’s the thing, I didn’t read comic books as a child, I didn’t grow up watching Star Trek, I didn’t see Star Wars until some of my guy friends from college were appalled when I told them I hadn’t seen it. And the thing is, I LOVE this stuff! Now, before the Star Wars v. Star Trek aficionados get disgruntled about me lumping both groups into one “stuff” category, let me just throw out there that I don’t discriminate. I think, deep down, I enjoy the Star Trek stuff better because there is currently more of it to like…and I really loathed the scripting in the new Star Wars, it was pretty bad in my opinion…but I enjoy Star Wars, too, especially R2D2 and Yoda.

My confession is-my memory is horrible. I can’t memorize tons of facts, I don’t remember the names of actors, directors, trivia, etc. I don’t have a Klingon dictionary, I can remember scenes and characters-but not to which episode/movie they belong. I’m much better with remembering details of books than I am with movies/tv shows (although I still stink at matching titles with authors) and this leaves me on the outside looking in.

When knowing arcane trivia in order to have long lasting debates about minute details is regarded as par for the course in the sci-fi loving world, I’m am decidedly at a disadvantage. There are so many tiny details and an etiquette-if you will-that are required for navigating the nerdom, and slip-ups leave you at the worst deeply offending people and at best regarded with suspicion.

I wish I could remember all those details and rattle them off in rapid fire succession, assured of my rightness and proudly standing my ground in any number of discussions, but the truth is I don’t know who directed the new Star Wars movies without checking google and I don’t even know one phrase of Klingon.

Don’t get me started on comic book characters, sigh.

So, I apologize to all you more informed fans than I if I mix something up. I am genuine in my enthusiasm for sci-fi, even if I didn’t get on board until college, but I am lousy at remembering details.

I hope Cade gets his memory from his father…


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  1. practice makes perfect.

    the only reason I can rattle off geeky facts is because I’ve been watching Star Wars and Star Trek pretty much non stop since I was old enough to work the VCR. after a while it’s like those songs that are overplayed on the radio – you learn the lyrics/geeky facts/movie quotes whether you want to or not.


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