And so it goes…


First order of business: Cade’s a month old, woohoo!

Next order of business: I’m FINALLY running again! Er, well, jogging is more like it.

I’ve been letting Cade call the shots as far as feedings and sleep goes, but since I don’t want to make sleep training any more arduous than it has to be, I’ve decided to start “encouraging” a routine. It’s not a very extensive routine, and on weekends like this past one with my SIL graduation it somewhat gets tossed out the window, but I persist none the less!

I can sum up the routine in two words: afternoon nap. The whole goal is to get him to take a nap starting at 2pm. And a legit nap, not his usual doze, feed, doze, feed daily routine. So far, it’s working pretty well, which means for the past two days at 2pm I’ve passed the munchkin off to Gma K and Brian and I have headed to the track!

The very best part is two whole hours with Brian. 🙂 Two hours! Just us, it is wonderful. AND we’re running together! It’s like putting on your favorite pair of jeans that make you look fantastic and are super comfy after not being able to wear them for months…except x 1000 🙂 Boy I missed running with him.

Yesterday we did three miles, half walking half jogging. Today we did four miles, two miles jogging, and a little over half a mile jogging backwards, and the rest walking. I’m feeling out of shape of course, but it’s great to be doing something about it finally. I love endorphins! And I’ve already signed up for a 5k in June. 🙂

Life is grand! Just thought I’d share.


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