Workout Update


Working out has been pretty hit or miss with Sir Farts-a-lot running the show, but for everyone’s sanity we’re making it somewhat of a priority. I know it seems counter intuitive to add exercise to my day when I’m already low on sleep and feeling exhausted, but exercising is too much a part of who I am to ignore any longer. So! We had two days at the track last week, a weekend adventure playing with my energizer bunny of a niece (totally counting as a workout!) and today we headed back to the track. 🙂

You can skim/skip this next part, it’s just a record of the workout. I’m posting it more for my sense of accomplishment than for any literary entertainment value…

I ran a mile out of a mile and a half, maintaining running for over half a mile, twice 🙂 We then did run for 1 min walk for 30 seconds, bumped up to run for 1 min walk for only 15 seconds for all of mile three, and then I don’t really remember mile four, but we walked the first quarter and then alternated jogging/stumbling for the rest.

Getting up the bleacher stairs to the water fountain was rough, and then we headed back down to the track for some modified leg blasters (squats/lunges), pushups on the risers, and some IT stabilizing exercises…now that I see it written out it really doesn’t seem like all that much but gosh darn I was pooped by the end!

Made it back just in time to meet a fussybutt Cade ready for eating so Gma K gave him a bottle while I showered and then I topped him off and pumped. I don’t like giving him bottles too often, but since I want to do an Ultra in February I need him to be able to take a bottle when I’m gone on long runs, AND bottles are nice to have when traveling.

Not bad for six weeks post partum! The endorphins feel great, I hope I can keep improving. I did some girly pushups, reverse pull ups, and a few leg and back exercises yesterday before taking an impromptu nap on the carpet between sets, oops, haha.

Speaking of naps, Cade just let out a doozy of a belch and I think is done with his 30 minute snooze. Time to feed the monster again… 🙂


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  1. LOL, I love the nickname you gave him! 😉 Well done on the exercise. You feel worse if you are sleep deprived and then DON’T exercise, in my experience. Keep up the good work!


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