Family Nicknames


My siblings and I are, in order of birth:

Princess Ticklefeather

Super High Helacher (not sure on the spelling…)


Twinkle Toes


*My name is the most unoriginal, probably because as an intense, overly dramatic kid I most likely pitched a fit at any other name choices, believing them to be insults. And lets face it, some of the ones my brother picked out probably were… 😛

The point is, nicknames in my family are par for the course. This post is to walk you through the stages of nicknaming in our family.

Beginners Level

Take an adjective and add pants, britches, buns or butt to the end. Great for normal conversation and snarky responses. “Aren’t you just an angry britches!” Grumpy, sleepy, smarty-all good choices.

Another choice is to begin with Sir or Lady, then a verb and then “a lot.” For example, if I sprain an ankle, I am “Lady Limps-a-lot.” I refer to Cade frequently as “Sir Farts-a-lot.” The combinations are endless.


Advanced Level

Take an adjective and add wumpus, bumpers, or bumpkins to the end.  For example, I often refer to my dog as “Fuzzy Wumpus” not to be confused with my brother’s cat who is often “Fuzzy Bumpers.” Fuzzy, stinky, persnickety…all great adjectives, but be creative, there are a lot of fun adjectives to choose from, and you can start with big/little (or some other size variation) for bonus points!


Expert Level

*This is where most outsiders struggle with our family nicknaming.

Make up an adjective and follow it with any of the aforementioned nouns-or make up a noun, too. Shnortle is a good…word? Can be an adjective or a noun, or possibly an adverb… For example, if I’m feeling particularly amused by Remus I could say, “You big fuzzy shnortle wumpus!” He understands perfectly. You can also add “-ly” to the end and call someone “Shnortly buns!” For nouns, you can call someone (or thing) a “Booger Shnooger.” (We’ve used that one so much my 2 year old niece says it when she needs a tissue.)  “Turd” is a favorite nicknaming word to use and it becomes attached or modified in a variety of ways. “Ya little turdlette!” or “Turdly” are good examples.



So there you have it! A brief field guide to my family’s nicknaming system. We also come up with nicknames by combination (Brian + Keefer = Beefer…my husband was thrilled) or by basic play on words or both. For instance, nicknames for my son “Cade Barrett” have included “Barricade” and “CCR-Cadence Clearwater Revival.”


*DISCLAIMER This by no means is a comprehensive overview of all the nicknaming possibilities employed by my family. We are a fairly creative and easily amused bunch with a long list of words in our everyday vocabularies that are completely made up. I cannot be held responsible for any attempt at engaging me or my family in friendly banter that results in utter confusion, this is a guide only.





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  1. Haha! We nickname here too. My littlest, Samuel, is also known as Samuel-bobo, Little Boy Blue, and Bobaloo…among other names…lol


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