Two Months and Squirrel Dog


Cade is officially two months today! Woo!


Cade Milestones:

Still snores

Farts louder than most adults (will admit, at least).

Smiles, giggles, and makes a weird variety of noises besides just cooing (although the cooing is pretty cute). He and I have extended conversations in the morning where we see who can make the funniest noise- he usually wins.

Scoots during tummy time

Falls asleep during tummy time

Less interested in rolling over, more interested in seeing if he can arch his back enough to get his toes to touch his ears. He’s come pretty close.

Pees regularly in the bathtub after splashing around like a frog.

Sent poop straight up the back of his onsie (that one’s for you, Uncle Matthew).

Mommy Milestones

Successfully used Moby wrap with Cade WITHOUT any accidental strangulations and not too many contortions. I’m getting better! (I’m not attempting the nursing thing though, I’ve determined Cade is too long and I am too thin to make it work. He ends up wrapped around me like a swing dancer or crunched up with his knees at his ears.)

Brushed my teeth in the morning two days in a row!

Semi regularly runs/walks during Cade’s afternoon nap and does various random exercises with him throughout the day. (ie Cade does tummy time while Mommy does planks…)

So, doing pretty good! Cade is tolerating my trial and error parenting style with dry good humor and the frequent raised eyebrow. We’re both missing Brian as he’s off gallivanting around Ft Lewis for a month. Brian’s version of “playtime” with Cade is a series of “zero gravity” stunts, laying things over Cade’s face and yanking them off, or blowing on his head. Cade makes a series of funny faces, giggles, and flails around happily when Brian does it, but he just kind of looks at me like I’ve lost my marbles when I try.

BUT! Never fear, when entertainment is needed, squirrel dog is here! I shaved Remus again right before Brian left. He was getting a beautiful fluffy coat that, in this hot weather, makes him breathe like a 400lb COPD patient walking up a broken escalator. Unfortunately, the clippers are officially messed up. After three years of slogging through his thick undercoat they called it quits-but not before exacting a horrible revenge. I’m sure if maybe I had had a bit more sleep I wouldn’t of continued the mutilation process after the first few passes buuuuut that’s not what happened. Instead, I continued to convince myself that this must be what it looked like last time and it evened out within a few days…I mean, it seems kind of choppy, but no, I didn’t use a guard before so I must not be remembering correctly…I’m going “with the grain” so to speak, so I must be imagining things…

The clipper blades at some point had become misaligned. The end result is a horribly choppy close shave. The worst part? Brian came and got me with news that Cade (who was with Grandma R) had woken up hungry forty minutes ago and Grandma was running out of options to keep him entertained. Yikes!! I put the clippers down, had enough presence of mind to take Remus off the leash, and ran inside to quick rinse off the fur (less than 2 minute shower), put on clothes and drive over to grandma R’s. Remus was left on the porch with his tail untouched.

So, my 134lb noble Irish Wolfhound now looks like an oversized squirrel.

I could’ve fixed it, but after finally realizing that the clippers really were shot and no, Remus didn’t look this bad after I had shaved him last time, I decided not to risk it. The clippers had already scrapped him up in numerous spots. 😦

There you have it, Cade’s two month update and the latest trial and tribulation of my longsuffering goofy dog.


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