In Honor of a Year…


It’s a year this month since I had to resign from being a paramedic. I just went and visited my EMS friends this past Wednesday and boy do I miss them and my job. AtlantaMomofThree is doing a blog party “Blast From the Past” which gave me the idea for this post. In honor of my job as a paramedic and all the great people I worked with, here are a few of my EMS related posts-mostly silly stuff-for people to browse.

Here’s to You Cumberland in which I rewrite Carly Rae Jepson’s “Call Me, Maybe” for 911 calls.

EMS Christmas in which I rewrite Christmas Carols for 911 calls.

Musings on the frailty of human existence…and bones. …this title sums it up pretty well.

Driver’s Ed a humorous description of awful drivers specifically dealing with changing lanes.

Favorite Dispatches gosh, I have sooooo many more I could add to this post…Including “26A1 sick person. Patient states she took crack and is sad now.”

Frustration Outlets I used paint to draw a picture of a “Murphy’s Law” call.






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