Half Marathon Madness


I’m not going to sugarcoat it, one thing I miss a great deal from my pre-baby years was the ability to just go for a run with Brian whenever, wherever, and for however long. It isn’t a matter of losing the baby weight (Ive already lost it) it’s the sharing of an activity that cemented our friendship AND it keeps those endorphins flowing. I like running. I love running with Brian.

I digress. The point is, I may have been a tad over eager to get back in the running game. Brian’s been pulling 70-100mile weeks in preperation for Grindstone and I’ve been jealous. Well, to keep me motivated, I signed up for a marathon a few weeks before I delivered. The first three months were smooth sailing, I started small running workouts around five weeks post delivery, and worked up to 8mile runs. My MIL would hold Cade for his afternoon nap and Id get to run…but then he hit a sleep regression.

Boy did we regress! No more two-three hour naps, I was lucky if he slept 30minutes! He would sleep for one 2 1/2 hr stretch at night and then be up every 1-2hours. Sometimes hed stay awake for two or three hours starting at 2am. This lasted for THREE WEEKS.

Needless to say, I was not running during this time period. Unfortunately, the marathon I had signed up for was last Saturday. Since I was short on sleep, short on training, and worried I wouldnt be able to pump enough milk for Cade, I dropped to the half marathon. 13.5 miles, 2700 feet of elevation change.

Well, quite frankly, it was awful. It mightve gone better if I had been running with Brian, but he was doing the 40miler race (three of my 13.5 mile loop) and had thus started three hours earlier. First, I forgot to turn on my Garmin until the race started, so it missed the first three miles searching for satellites. THATS demotivating. Then, not even a mile into the race I’m watching my feet as I’m approaching a stream crossing and slam my head into a low sprawling tree limb. Classic. I started my run with a small goose egg and a headache, but that’s just the beginning.

I made it up the stinking 3mile hill with just some mild achyness in my hips that eased anytime I was able to switch up from a hike to a trot. I made it two miles down the hill feeling pretty good. But then I fell. Not a super bad fall, I jammed my right toe and landed hands and knees on the rocks. Got a little blood on my left knee, a nice big scrape and bruise on my right shin, ,and my right middle toe looks like I smashed it with a hammer (pretty sure Ill lose the toenail) but the worst part was the jarring of my back and joints. This was 5 miles into the race, I had 8.5 to go…

By mile 10 I was straight up walking, I couldn’t even jog. By mile 12 I had two runners stop running when they passed by me to make sure I was ok-I was moving that poorly. One gave me two potassium pills since I just couldn’t bring myself to eat any of the slimy brown banana pieces at the aid stations. My legs had started cramping from my quads down to the bottoms of my feet. Walking uphill was a challenge, walking downhill was excruciating. My legs have never felt so bad in a race, ever. Not even during my first ultra marathon. My hips were seizing, I had sharp pain in my lower back and between my shoulder blades since the fall. Again, it was awful.

But I finished! I managed a weary shuffle across the finish line (ah, pride, you drive us to do such foolish things) and then tried to stay upright until my parents brought up a lawn chair. I finished 101 out of 106 runners. Brian finished the 40 miler 14th. 🙂 A big thankyou to Grandparents R for watching Cade while we ran, I couldn’t of done it without them.

So there you have it. My half marathon adventure. At least my just turned 4 months old son had fun. He shrieked and giggled through the pre race briefing, making a lot of people smile even though it was 630 in the morning.

Besides it being awful, it was actually a beautiful course. I hope Brian and I run it again…


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