VA 10 Miler and Toes


The VA 10 miler is this weekend and I’m nervous. Thankfully, it is not only less elevation gain then the half I ran two weeks ago, it is also less milage. This is good, since I haven’t been able to jog a bit what with Cade’s fruity sleep habits.

I won’t get into sleep troubles on here except to say I’ve started supposedly gentle, no cry sleep training because the poor guy is tired throughout the day and really struggling to stay asleep at night. I wanted to wait until he was older, but, no dice.

In other news, he loves his toes. He is almost constantly grabbing them, yanking his socks halfway off and sucking on them, or kicking his legs and trying to hang on. He fell asleep nursing on his back holding his toes in the air, it was pretty cute. He’s also discovered a new way to roll from back to front. Instead of arching his back and leading with his little old man pooch of a belly, he grabs both feet, falls over on his side, and then somehow manages to kick his legs without letting go and roll on his tummy-er-actually he basically faceplants because both arms are stuck under him and his butt’s halfway in the air until he remembers to let go of his feet. I think it’s hilarious, but, I’m pretty easily amused…

I have a post rattling around in my brain about appearances, vanity, and self confidence but I need to be at a computer to write it so who knows when I’ll get the chance. That’s all I got, can’t believe Cade will be 5 months soon!


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