Mama Ups and Downs


A brief update on my life. Cade is pretty much happy all the time. He still isn’t a fan of the carseat and will fight going into it, but once settled he’s pretty good at keeping himself occupied or falling asleep.


Right now everything seems to have an upside and a downside.


Upside-he’s a happy baby.


Downside-so when he cries I feel like I must’ve done something horribly wrong.

Upside-he’s an active baby. He’s scooting already (he’s 5.5 months) and up on his hands and knees rocking getting ready to crawl. One of his new tricks is to rock for a little bit and then launch himself forward onto his belly. He also commando crawls when there is something he really wants to get (like mommy’s phone). He rolls in both directions very easily (makes diaper changing interesting), and is at that stage where he is constantly reaching and grabbing and babbling up a storm. 🙂

Downside-he’s got my metabolism coupled with his high activity level so he is hungry every 1.5-2hours. Around the clock. There is no “feeding him more” at each feeding. He completely drains one side, and any attempt at more results in him throwing up all over. I am, ah, very sore. And tired.

Upside-He naps with me and snuggles.


Downside-He will ONLY nap WELL if he’s co-sleeping. If he doesn’t nap well, he doesn’t do well at night. I spend half my day awkwardly curled on one side while my hips scream profanities at me so my little snuggle munchkin can get enough rest.

Upside- He can soothe himself to sleep at night.

Downside – He’s still up every two hours at night to nurse because he’s hungry. I feed him 5-6 times a night and he EATS, no snacking. Combine that with the naps and I’m really sleep deprived. We’re working on whittling down that first nighttime feeding (feeding him one minute less every other day) and we’re down to seven minutes, so I have cautious hope. Granted, he eats ferociously the next time he wakes up, so we’ll probably just stick to getting rid of just that one feeding for now.


We started solids. Half a month earlier than we were originally planning on it, but since he’s been trying to grab things off my plate for a month, tries to drink water out of a glass (super cute, he tends to just backwash terribly. I think it’s funny, daddy thinks it’s disgusting), has been sitting up unassisted for a good long while now, and the being hungry all the time thing is driving me crazy, we figured we’d give it a shot. Avocado was first-not a big hit, but there was some fun flinging it all over the place. Broccolli was next and I found some, um, processed bits in his diaper so he must’ve swallowed something! He enjoyed getting a stalk into his mouth, letting go with his hand and just munching like he was eating a cigar while playing with the rest of the brocolli on his tray (every time I tried to get a picture of this he spit it out, the stinker). We’ll be trying sweet potato next. I also tried brown rice cereal mixed with breastmilk just to see what he would do, and holy moly he ate the whole bowl. I mean, some obviously ended up on the floor and on his face, but a LOT less than I anticipated, he had no problem swallowing it down and I let him grab the spoon and guide it into his mouth.


So HUNGRY! We have been calling him “Zombie Baby” since 4 months old…and if he IS teething we have yet to see a tooth. (Thank you to Tanya for providing that lovely arm for him to munch on, haha).

There you have it, the current roller coaster ride of mommy hood. I’m hoping he really enjoys solid foods and they fill him up for longer so my poor ladies can get a break every once in awhile, but I don’t want to push it too fast. I am glad he’s on track to crawl a little ahead of schedule since I like to be so active when I play with him (we do a lot of rolling and wrestling on the floor), chasing him around should be fun. 🙂

****Just finished that first nighttime feeding, time for me to try and get some sleep.


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