Would the Baby in the Room, Please Stand Up?


I HAVE A NEW NIECE! My sister gave birth to a beautiful 10lb 3oz little girl the day before Thanksgiving and I got to hold her Thursday and Friday! She is super cute, and already so different from her big sister, it was truly remarkable to me. Oh, and a note on the 10lbs things-she was born almost two weeks before her due date! She is the biggest baby I’ve ever held, and almost 22 inches long. She still seemed so small to me even though Cade only has 8 lbs on her, all snuggled up in her blanket and refusing to open her eyes. Ok, I’m done gushing, but it seriously made this the best Thanksgiving ever!

In other news, my son is a rambunctious little fellow and I am loving it! Thankfully-since his mom is impatient-he was on the early age for crawling. Granted, it was army crawling at first, he didn’t start crawling on his hands and knees until a few days after he turned 6 months, but mobile none the less and getting into all sorts of mischief-mostly eating cords, sigh. Gone are the days where I dutifully carry him from room to room for a change of scenerey, now when I open up the bedroom door (after we have our bath splash-and-yodle and subsequent 30 minute of breezy buns) he takes off like a shot down the hall in search of his favorite Remus.

Remus’s mornings have taken a rather exasperating turn, from his perspective, as he doesn’t even get a chance to empty his tank of a bladder before a squealing infant comes barrelling towards him, mouth open, drool flying, and cackles abounding. Remus is recently, thankfully, becoming a little more interested in the strange pinkish loud thing that slobbers and mostly because my intrepid explorer is now pulling himself into a standing position (Remus can now sniff and lick his head much easier). The other day Remus dropped into the play stance and started gently whuffing at Cade who immediately stopped smacking his toy on the ground and giggled with an earsplitting grin. It made me smile, even though I had been up since 5am, haha.

As much as I applaud my little man’s chubby thighs as they hoist his rear into the air, I’m a bit bemused by my baby’s insistence on standing by himself. Yes. By himself. He will use his arms to pull him up on the edge of the table, or couch, or box, or baby gate, or crib, or-his favorite climb-mommy, but then he lets go with one hand and wobbles quite dramatically before letting go with both and flapping his arms like he’s trying to fly. He does manage to get some airtime because he is soon falling backwards or forwards with tremendous speed and not one jot of grace. He’s not quite 7 months old (he will be on Monday) so I don’t think all of his muscles and joints are quite ready to support his little potbelly and big ol head, no matter how chunky the thighs, but he persists. Once, while climbing mommy, he stood up, let go, and then launched himself forwards so his belly landed on mommy’s side and he flipped himself over head first. Mommy was impressed, but only after she slowed her rapidly pounding heart. I foresee a lot of grey hairs in my future.

It’s a great deal of fun for me to watch as he gobbles up the “moving” milestones one after another, but I do kindof wish he’d get some teeth. Mostly so I can blame the drooling on the teeth and not have to admit that my son produces more slobber than a St. Bernard eating watermelon.

Right now we’re battling his first cold, boo 😦 That’s a milestone I was all for putting off indefinitely, BUT they all get sick sometime so we’re making the best of it. I love being a mom though, even after a night holding an inconsolable crying baby and getting a whopping two hours of sleep. Best job ever. 🙂 …followed closely by being an Aunt. 😀


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