Cade Shenanigans


Cade is finally getting the hang of sleeping. I mean FINALLY! Yes, we had to sleep train. And when I say “had to” I mean, “HAD to.” Poor guy was not getting close to enough sleep on his own no matter WHAT I did (which was cosleeping, continuous nursing, crib time, shushing, white noise, rocking, singing, EVERYTHING!) Apparently, he just wanted to be able to fuss and moan and make himself comfortable. Now he goes to sleep in the crib and last night we only had one (count ’em, ONE!) feeding at 415am. Progress? Indubitibly!

So, mommy is getting more sleep, right?

WRONG! Why, you ask? Because I am a light sleeper and my son is a noisy one. Cade moans and growls, he grumbles and snores, sometimes he shrieks or howls, or rustles around on the sheets-all without waking up (future sleep walker/talker?). If I go in to pick him up instantly when he makes these noises he screams bloody murder in my ear for upwards of thirty minutes. He does NOT like to be interrupted. Sometimes he’ll sit up, let out a cry/moan, and then faceplant and start snoring. This means yours truly barely gets 4-5 hours of broken sleep. YAY for sleep deprivation!

On the other hand, my bouncing baby boy is up and cruising. He’ll be 8 months old in a few days, and today during his nap Brian and I scoured the major department stores in search of 12 month onsies and 18 month (18!) pajamas. Cade must’ve had a growth spurt because he was barely in his 9 month onsies for a month-month and a half before I was having trouble snapping him in and the sleeves are no where NEAR his wrists. He’s always a half size to a size ahead in footie pj’s because his legs are long, so we went ahead and got an 18month pajama for when it invariably becomes impossible to get the sleeves up over his shoulders.

Anyways, my intrepid explorer is a bundle of energy and is determined to give mommy a heartattack. From attempting to flip himself head first into the bathtub to trying to lick electrical outlets (good thing I have covers on them) he is nonstop from the moment he wakes up to the second he falls asleep again.

He “helps” me with the following things:

Emptying/loading the dishwasher (moving the bottom drawer around, trying to climb inside, attempting to lick the dishes…)

Doing the laundry (dumping folded clothes on the floor, eating his socks…)

Cooking (climbing up my legs and thus partially pantsing me while my hands are messy)

Eating (he tries to eat everything off my plate/bowl. If I put him on the floor to play while I scarf down my meal, he manages to get under the chair, and then get stuck and cries for help.)

Vacuuming (he insists on being held, so I vacuum one handed.)


He LOATHES getting his diaper changed. Which means instead of just fifteen minutes of “free buns” time in the morning and evening, he snatches a few minutes every diaper changing by rolling out of mommy’s grip and streaking out of the room.


In a nutshell, he may LOOK like his daddy, but my genes are definitely asserting themselves. 😛



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