The Funny Thing About Babies…


All through highschool, college, and the first few years of marriage I would NEVER have described myself as “child friendly.” Mostly, I just didn’t get them. I didn’t actively dislike them, but I honestly didn’t really see what all the fuss was about, so I just avoided them. Now I’ve got two adorable nieces and a noisy little son and boy how perspectives change! Here are a few of my favorite things about babies-mostly Cade related, because I spend way more time with him than I ever did when my nieces were/are babies (not sure about the grammatical accuracy, there, but ohwell).

One of my current favorite things Cade does right now is he forgets he has arms. He’ll be trucking down the hall, moving his arm-knee-arm-knee-arm-knee-knee *FACEPLANT*. He’ll look up and pause for a moment, with the arm he forgot to move trapped under his body, like “hmmmmm I’m missing something…” before tugging out his arm and sitting up. He usually does this when he’s really excited, but the other day I had to wake him up from his nap and he had BOTH arms trapped beneath his body. He spent several seconds lifting his head and kicking his legs spastically before I rescued him from his arm stuck predicament. I admit, I laughed.

Along the same vein, everyonce in awhile he’ll remember he has toes and bend over and try to eat them. Each time he finds them it’s like a brand new discovery.2013-09-16 11.27.38[2] (The first time he realized he had toes.)


Here are a few of my other favorite funny things about babies.


Facial expressions: The smiles are wonderful, but honestly, some of the other expressions crack me up.

PhotoGrid_1381518378032[1]2014-01-09 09.21.29[1]Bathplay IMG_20130704_134001[1]



Sleep positions: HOW is that comfortable?

2013-10-17 13.13.14[1]2013-12-16 14.15.44[1]2014-01-09 10.06.55[1]SleepMobyWrap2013-08-06 16.51.10[1]



I can dress him up (or down) however I wish.

IMG_20130727_215149[1]2014-01-05 18.19.41[1]


And, lastly…


We’re his parents and there is NOTHING he can do about it.

IMG_20130605_135534[1]2013-09-24 19.00.36[1]


Babies, you guys, can be pretty unintentionally hilarious.


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  1. I remember 10th grade when you and Brittany both SWORE to me that neither of your were ever going to get married, and definitely never have kids. I knew (or at least I hoped) that you’d change your mind and I remember saying something like, “I’ll remind you of this conversation in a few years.” So it’s funny to see you now. 🙂 I lovingly say “I TOLD YOU SO!!!”


    • hahahaha SO TRUE! You know what’s even funnier? Brittany was my night nurse at the hospital and she was telling me all about Liam, her son! That’s one “I told you so” that I am HAPPY about now! Boy am I glad God changed my mind. 😀


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