Can’t Sleep


This isn’t about Cade’s sleep. Nope, currently he’s snuggled down in the crib snoring away while I type this on my phone while hiding under the covers so the light doesn’t wake him up. My dear friends, promise me you will never say to a mother,”You should sleep when the baby sleeps.” I am here to tell you that we KNOW we should sleep when the baby sleeps, but not all of us are equipped with the magical switch that shuts our brain off. I am most decidedly NOT equipped with that switch, so although I know I will regret not sleeping now, I also know I cannot force myself to snooze. SO! I am writing useless drivel and posting it on the internet. 😀 You. Are. Welcome.

Cade attempted to give a frenchbull dog by the name of Winston a kiss today. Everybody thought it was really cute, except decidedly Winston-poor dog.

Speaking of kisses, Cade loves giving me kisses. He parts his lips, partially sticks his tongue out, and rubs his drooling mouth all over my face/hand/arm/leg/any available part of me. Or, sometimes he’ll try to blow bubbles. Baby kisses-super sweet, but honestly also kind of gross.

Cade is also working on his wave. For awhile, he’d wait until whoever was leaving actually shut the door before he waved, but now he waves at people as a response, too. Tonight, everytime Grandpa R responded to Cade’s babble, Cade would stop, turn around, wave at Grandpa, then turn back to the window and start babbling again. Grandpa R would respond…etc. It was so cute! His wave is more a twirling of the hand in the air than an actual wave. Sometimes he’ll be waving and then stop, but leave his arm up like he’s forgotten to put it down. It makes me laugh everytime, especially when his fingers are dangling downwards so it looks like he’s demanding you kiss the royal hand, haha.

EDIT: I started clapping every time he waved to encourage him. So now he gives himself a round of applause everytime he waves. He is so proud of himself, haha.

For those who don’t follow me on facebook: Cade took his first steps on the 21st of January. 😀 Just a few, and then he fell, but he has taken a few independent steps everyday since then, and walks around remarkably well just holding one of my hands. So much fun! I have a feeling we might surprise the pediatrician when he has his 9mo checkup February 4th, haha

Ummmmmm, Brian’s classes are frustrating, as usual, but going well. I will be so glad when he graduates!

We’ve started looking at places in Alabama to rent.

I am so close to finishing my 9000 piece puzzle but the last part is slightly varying shades of white/grey/and pale blue and some of the pieces fit more than just the piece they are SUPPOSED to fit so I am having a hard time working up the motivation to work on it. Buh.

I’m also reading the “Ender’s Game” quartet and I go back and forth on my opinion of it. I’m on the third book. I finished the third book.

Cade is going through some seperation anxiety issues. I don’t mind the extra snuggles, but he is getting heavy! Lots more floor snuggles right now to save my back.

I think we may have a top tooth coming in! Yay!

I don’t think I have anything else….maybe now I can go to sleep? Rebreathing my own air under the blanket has definitely made me a tiny bit sleepier, ha.

EDIT: This was written a few days ago, but I tried to post it from my phone and it made it password protected (weird!). This is the first chance I’ve gotten to get on an actual computer to fix it. 🙂


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