Cade Stories


So, I talk about Cade a lot. Because, well, puzzling gets boring to talk about (hey! I got four more pieces in during nap time! Woohoo!….exhilarating) and I don’t want to take the effort to write about the books I’m reading (just finished the Ender’s Game series) AND a lot of other things I’ve been tempted to post about are controversial and also make me grumpy. BUT, I am going to write yet another post about Cade not only for the above reasons, but also because I want to be able to look back and reread these stories someday. Here goes:

He “kisses” my nose. A lot. By kiss, I mean he tries to eat the whole thing (no small feat, my nose is not exactly pixieish) and results in a lot of drool up mommy’s nostrils. It is so gross, but I can’t help laughing every time he does it! He doesn’t try to bite, he just puts his whole mouth over it for a few seconds and then backs up and grins at me. Baby waterboarding?

He has a new noise/face. He snorts. Mouth open, nose scrunched, eyebrows angling towards the ceiling, and he snorts rapidly. He finds this noise/face hilarious and repeats it frequently. He also has figured out how to make a weird clucking sound with his tongue and nose and top of his mouth. He may never speak English, but his own language is pretty complicated.

When I offer a hand to steady him while he walks around he is VERY particular about which finger (s) he grabs. Sometimes he’ll use both hands and sort through my fingers before curling his fist around one or two that apparently meet his standards. When he switches his grip while walking he repeats the process.

Because I’ve been encouraging him to walk on his own by clapping and cheering, he will sometimes take two steps and then applaud himself, then two more followed by more applause, then two more…etc. It’s so cute.

He is trying to figure out how to snap his fingers. He’s nowhere near succesful, but when I do so he looks at his hands and tries to mimic my finger movements. I love it. 🙂

We visited his cousins (and my sister and her husband) for an extended stay this past week, and my little man definitely has some introverted tendencies although he does love watching his cousins. He tried to smack his two month old cousin in the face multiple times in his enthusiasm, but thankfully she watched his shennanigans with mild interest and good humor. He used his two year old cousin to pull up on, and she did a really good job learning how to navigate being viewed as a “big person” by a walking, babbling baby. She even attempted to walk him around by holding his hand. It was kindof more of a drag, haha, but she tried. I love my nieces. 🙂

Cade is FULL of drama. When I tell him “No” he’ll stop whatever he’s about to attempt and glance back at me with an “Are you sure?” kindof look. When I tell him “No” again (because he’s turned back around to try again) he stops and looks back at me and then a big, cute grin will spread across his face like, “You didn’t REALLY mean that…” The third (or fourth) time I have to say “No” I will then either remove him from the object or block access to it. After multiple futile attempts at returning to the object he will invariably start whining, then fussing louder, then finally flinging his head back, stiffening his back, kicking his legs on the ground and wailing without any actual tears. Don’t tell me a 9 month old doesn’t understand the word “No” my friend- Cade is completely aware. Somtimes he’ll actually listen and just leave the object alone in the first place. But mostly he pitches fits. Fits in which he is absolutely inconsolable until he runs out of steam (usually about 5-8minutes). Little drama king-he definitely gets that from his mom. (Objects in question are usually cords or other electronics, or Remus’s water dish which is elevated and Cade has a deep rooted desire to pull it off it’s perch and dump it all over himself.)

Alright, it’s snowed here, and since Cade out grew his only winter outfit and stores have already switched to summer clothing (idiotic stores) I’m gonna go duct tape some bread bags on him and push him down a hill. 🙂


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