We Got Lucky!…although Brian may want a second opinion.


I posted a few days ago about expecting our second child in September. The end of September. A day before my older sister’s birthday, to be exact. Anyways, I’ve been meaning to post the back story, so here goes.

Baby Numero Dos was a SURPRISE!

Brian and I were actually discussing the timing for a second child when, apparently, I was already pregnant. I’ll try to keep the TMI brief, but basically after weaning Caderade at the six month mark I didn’t have a period until December 22nd and it was…weird…so I didn’t know if it “counted.” Well, clearly it did.

By January I was pretty tired all day, every day, and was also having increasing trouble sleeping at night. I chalked some of it up to our early walker, as Cade was running around the house by 9 months old (and running into walls, tables, chairs, my legs, the dog…) and I spent a lot of my time chasing him, or picking him up after a spill and consoling him. He also figured out how to flush the toilet, get into the cabinets, pull Remus’s water dish on to himself, and try to eat the blinds. It was a busy month. Around the second week of January I also started feeling a little….off. Kindof queasy. I developed a bit of a food aversion to beans and rice (a staple meal for Brian and I. We’re pretty boring eaters) and in general food was unappealing even though I felt chronically hungry. By mid February I finally decided I should get my thyroid and iron levels tested (I’ve been anemic before) because the fatigue was overwhelming. Right before I went to the walk in clinic it was like a light bulb went on in my brain and I realized I was over two weeks late for my period. I bought a pregnancy test and took it right away.

The line lit up like a neon light before I could even finish peeing on the stick.

Brian’s response: “Are you serious?” and then he shook his head and laughed in disbelief.

I would’ve figured it out soon afterwards, since after that the nausea ramped up into full blown morning sickness morning, noon, and night. I had to put Cade into a disposable in the morning for his daily poop because I truly could not stomach stripping his cloth diapers. I continued to take a morning nap when Cade went down for his, although he had a brief period where he decided he could skip his morning nap every other day. That was rough. Thankfully, he has since then gone back to a two nap schedule. I also put on weight rather rapidly, although being tall means I can hide my extra poundage with loose fitting clothing. I can no longer fit into any of my jeans, and the size 6 pair I used for my last pregnancy is already uncomfortably snug when I sit down. If I wear my normal, more form fitting clothing I can’t hide the small bump. In fact, I actually had to purchase a larger sized empire waist dress for Brian’s ROTC Banquet the 1st of March because all of my dresses were too snug to keep the secret.

I had the dating ultrasound last Tuesday and the little booger was kicking and squirming like a wild thing at exactly 11 weeks and 2 days. The ultrasound tech commented on the amount of activity for so early in the pregnancy, but I am less surprised since Cade would only settle down when I would go for runs when I was pregnant with him.

So there you have it, my first pregnancy update with Baby 2.0. The nausea has thankfully subsided to mostly only in the evening and even then managable as long as I watch what I eat. I still can’t tolerate beans and rice, or thai-which makes me grumpy since I really really like thai- and I had a weird craving for sourcream that resulted in me dipping my spaghetti in a bowl of it (at the time, it was seriously the best thing I have ever tasted) but besides an increase in my affinity for pasta salad and olives the food stuff has remained pretty low key. Cade’s back in his cloth diapers and the morning one is manageable as long as I don’t breathe much, and I’m still tired all the time and having a hard time sleeping. All in all, normal pregnancy stuff. 🙂

I’m excited that this baby may be born on my older sister’s birthday. What are the odds? Cade is born on my birthday, which is pretty darn cool to me, so how much more awesome would it be if his little brother or sister was born on my sister’s birthday? My older sister said I now have to have two more children born on my brother and younger sister’s birthdays so they don’t feel left out, haha. Just don’t tell Brian… 😉

OH! And I don’t think I want to find out the gender, like I did with Cade. Sorry (not really)… 🙂 🙂 🙂


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  1. Congratulations!! Wow, how wild to not realize it cold be pregnancy and then BAM, it hits you (both mentally and physically). 😀


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