Bald Head Island


Cade JUST fell asleep (after 40 minutes of protest/playing in the crib) so I’m going to try and write this quickly.

We’re at Bald Head Island, North Carolina for the first ever Badwater Cape Fear 50 miler. While Brian’s off galavanting on the sand trying to avoid tripping over seaturtle eggs, Cade and I bummed a ride to enjoy the beach.

The trip was a little nerve wracking-6 hours in the car with a ten month old who loathed car travel is a tough way to start any weekend getaway. BUT Cade was thankfully a CHAMP and we had considerably less tears this trip then last weekends 3.5 hour drive to his cousin’s bday party.

However, his nap schedule was a MESS since he doesn’t sleep well in the car (longest stretch was around an hour, and we were amazed that he slept that long) so Brian and I were a little apprehensive about bed time. Not to mention, recently Cade has decided every two or three days that sleeping in the crib by himself is not cool, and so I’ve been tossing him into bed with me.

To continue. FIRST was the ferry ride to the island. Very windy, but a lot of fun. Cade yelled and babbled at the top of his lungs for most of it, he LOVES wind in his face! Second, we pile into a tram that drops us and our luggage at our rental house. We’re on the golfing side, not the beach side, but the house is GORGEOUS! Unfortunately, there are stairs, so I rearranged all the furniture for impromptu baby proofing, haha.

Cade quickly sets the standard procedure for I’m sure every family vacation in the future and yanks a kitchen drawer open and bashes himself in the mouth while Brian and I are trying to baby proof other cabinet doors and get a bottle ready. Sigh. I really need 8 extra pairs of hands when watching Cade. So, Cade’s mouth quickly fills with blood and it takes some wiping and waiting to narrow down a few splits in his lip and along his gums. This kid. Sheesh. He’s going to lose his teeth before they even all come in! Ah well, at least he gets over injuries quickly, and in a few minutes we were ready to head out the door and explore.

The best part? No cars, everybody drives by electric golf cart 😀 They are included with the rental house, so we eagerly jumped into our anemic little buggy and headed to the other end of the island to pick up Brian’s race packet. It’s not exactly hilly around here, but the very slight grades give the poor carts a work out and Brian and I were laughing as we just barely crested a gradual rise and the cart is barely moving. They sure pick up speed going back down though! I think we hit 20mph!

We got some groceries at the pricey grocery store (everything closes at seven so employees can take the ferry back to the mainland if they need to) after picking up Brian’s packet and headed back to the house to settle in for the night.

I put Cade down 40 minutes early because he was TIRED and he slept through the night no problem, waking up at 648 the next morning! Brian and I went down an hour or so after putting Cade to bed to have a bowl of fruitloops and as I poured the milk Brian paused and took a sniff and noticed the milk smelt funny. Yeah. Well, we had JUST bought it at the grocery store but hadn’t even looked to check the expiration date…March 17th! YUCK! Needless to say, we did not eat our cereal. Instead we made pop corn, tried to find something to watch on TV, concluded that cable really is worthless and we will continue to eschew it when we move to Alabama, and went to bed.

Today we dropped Brian off at the beginning of the race (by the lighthouse), took his picture at the start, and then I juggled Cade in my lap but managed to drive back to the house. We ended up taking a three hour nap. I didn’t mean to let Cade sleep that long (he would’ve continued to sleep if I hadn’t woken him up) but I’m fighting a persistent cold ontop of my normal pregnancy fatigue so it’s unsurprising that I fell asleep too. After a great chat with my younger sister during which Cade figured out how to climb inside a cabinet, I changed his diaper and we went back to the golf cart to try and find beach access.

Cade LOVED the sand. He stood leaning against the diaper bag and watched his toes wiggle in the stuff for a solid minute before doing anything else. Then he dug, flung, made one abortive effort to eat it, and generally covered himself in sand until I decided we’d been in the sun long enough and packed up. He insisted on walking back to the boardwalk access. It took us forever, but it was so cute watching him toddle over the uneven divots and wander into the grass and drift wood to play with whatever caught his eye. He lost his balance a few times, but he caught himself and continued without so much as a whimper.

I’ll probably have to wake him up from his nap so he doesn’t sleep too long, but all in all this has been a really fun vacation. 🙂 Will probably go check out the shops and see if we can find a different beach with more surf so Cade can watch some waves. Here’s hoping tomorrow’s trip back is as easy as the one here!


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