Ten Thoughts Tuesday


Several of the blogs I follow do the “Ten Thoughts Tuesday” post which I think was originally a link up or challenge or something but I’ve forgotten the particulars. Anyway, I like reading these posts because they’re short little snapshots and I’ve often wanted to participate-but I don’t remember till like, Friday. Whoops.


Without further ado, my ten thoughts for this Tuesday.

1. The recycling people only took half our recycling and left the rest on the curb…it’s all cardboard…I’m confused?

2. Cade is not only getting a new front bottom tooth, I think he’s also getting his one year molars. :/

3. Related to above, we had a rough night last night with lots of fussing/crying/unhappiness. Here’s hoping tylenol will help his nap!

4. Remus is so anxious he won’t eat his food unless I stand right next to him. Sigh. He did this when we first moved to VA. I’m hoping he’ll improve.

5. I’ve been taking morning and evening walks with Cade and Remus! 🙂 They’re pretty short, and unfortunately I can’t let Remus run like we did in VA, but there is a dog park that I’d like to introduce him to. Maybe when he gets a little more settled at home.

6. I started following a dog training blog that I’m enjoying and I think some of the training games might help Remus with his anxiety. I wish I could find more posts about teaching dogs how to appropriately greet one another. Remus is the definition of doggy social awkwardness.

7. I started sign language with Cade. A little late in the game, I know, but I finally have had some time to look into it and since my little man is full of noises and gestures but will only consistently say one word (Yes) I figured maybe he could pick up on some of the signs to help mitigate the communication melt downs.

8. Speaking of Cade, when we’re outside there are two things he’s not supposed to do: 1) Run down the driveway into the street and 2) Tug/rip mommy’s plants. SO, what does Cade do? He figures out what he WANTS to do (say, yank on some plants) and he’ll turn and zip halfway down the driveway until I block his access to the street in which case he’ll turn around and run as fast as he can back to the plants to try and get there before me. It’s a calculated move, the booger, and I know it is because if I block him from his ACTUAL goal (be it plants or the street), he protests. Sometimes he’ll just point at something else like he’s hoping to distract me, and the moment I say, “Oh, what do you see?” he’ll turn and try to penetrate my defenses. 

9. Aunt Rachel and Uncle John are visiting tonight and tomorrow! 

10. Cade is completely off of the bottle. 😀 I am packing those suckers up somewhere he can’t find them…or at least where they aren’t immediately obvious.


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