When it rains, it pours.

When you make a 12 hour cross country move with a one year old, he stops formula, goes to bed earlier, starts teething (again), and drops a nap.

So much for making this “Major Transition” from VA to AL the only thing for our little guy to worry about.

We were hoping to make this move, have Cade off of formula (and the bottle) by the end of May, and then THEN around that magical 14-15 month mark start considering dropping his morning nap. Well, Cade has had other plans. FIRST, I don’t know if it was just the stress from the move or what, but Cade had horrendous diarrhea for the first several days we were here. It was not improving, even when he seemed to settle into his new room and was sleeping through the night again and to all appearances happy throughout the day. We tried nixing the bottle and VOILA! Diarrhea dissappeared. Monday was our first official day of “No Bottle” and Cade didn’t seem to notice. Mommy noticed, however, when she changed the next poopy. Glory hallelujah I had no idea I’d be ever be so relieved to see a turd. SO, that change has remained official.

The teething thing? Thats been greeaaaattt especially because it took me forever to pick up the clue phone and realize WHY my son was being such a crankpot at naps and bedtime. Oh, wait, is that a tooth? Here’s some Tylenol. And Cade goes, “THANK YOU SHEESH!” and goes down like a champ. Whoops. The one good thing, because I remained clueless to the obvious issue for so long, we attempted some earlier bedtimes and Cade seems to do better (ie: sleep more soundly and wake up later) if I put him down around 730 NOT 8. An extra half hour earlier?! Yes please and thankyou!

However, the nap thing I have been resisting with great vigor for awhile now. I’ve posted previously about Cade fighting his morning nap around 11 months which resulted in a few exhausting (for me AND Cade) one nap days. I LIKE Cade’s morning nap. It’s usually the best time for me to take a nap, since I’m still a little more tired than usual what with carrying baby 2.0 around. He used to take glorious morning naps-I would have to wake him up at the 2.5 hour mark so he’d take an afternoon one! Bliss.

Sigh, but Cade isn’t having any of it. Not only is he resisting both naps, but the morning one has gotten shorter and shorter and shorter till now I’m lucky if he sleeps to 45 minutes. 20-30 (after 30-40 minutes fussing/playing) is the new norm 😦 He usually doesn’t even look tired when it’s “time” to put him down. If he DOES take a great morning nap, it’s his afternoon nap that is uber short and involves lots (half hour +) of prenap crying/fussing. His afternoon nap has also shortened a little bit, so if I put him down around the 3 hours awake mark from whenever he woke up from his morning nap then he’s waking up from his afternoon nap around 3 instead of his usual 430! Ugh. It’s a mess (for mommy at least, Cade is sleeping uber sound at night and waking up cheerful). I have tried really hard to find all sorts of other reasons for him having such a crappy time napping-maybe his teeth are still bothering him? He had a poopy? He’s over excited? He’s over tired? He’s still adjusting to his room? This is just a phase? But the truth is, he has no trouble sleeping at night (except for that one night terror, yikes) and to all other appearances (mood, appetite, joie de vivre..) he’s past adjusted and settled in normalcy. We had a great few days of naps in the beginning, but if I’m honest, he has been taking longer and longer to fall asleep for naps from before we moved. I’m just in denial because the morning nap is my favorite.

There you have it. Despite the fact that we’ve only been two weeks in Alabama, Cade has decided to do all of the baby-toddler transitions before the end of May. Stinker. I REFUSE to put him in the big boy bed yet! Mommy has her limits.


…I could be wrong though. Seriously, maybe it is just a phase? We’ll try transitioning to one nap over this next week and if it doesn’t seem to be helping or it makes things worse, I will GLADLY switch back to a two nap schedule.


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