Wind-Weekend Writing Challenge


A fellow blogger is posting a picture every weekend and challenging herself to do a creative writing piece of 200 words or less inspired by the picture. So I figured I’d join up with AtlantaMomofThree and give it a try! I probably won’t do it every weekend, but this week’s topic inspired some silly nonsense that I enjoyed fleshing out a bit. Without further ado, the picture and my resultant Weekend Writing Challenge. 🙂


Image Credit: smcgee via photopin cc



It doesn’t power turbines

Or make a windmill spin

But the favorite breeze for laughter

Is the wind from deep within


A dutch oven from your daddy

Makes your mommy gag in bed

While a cheek screech in the checkout aisle

Makes sister blush bright red.


Cushion creepers on the couch

Bubblers happen in the pool

Bench warmers in church pews

And some crop dusting at school.


When you start colin bowlin’

Or letting loose with a crack splitter

When your trouser trumpet blares

Or you can’t stop a tushy tickler


Don’t despair; you’re not alone.

All have had down under thunder,

Or rump roars, butt bazookas,

Or even grundle rumbles


But please remember when it happens

Be it yodel, screech, or sneeze,

To be polite to others

And say an “Excuse Me!”


Here’s a link to an article in the Huffington Post with a great list of gas passing euphemisms 🙂



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