Zane Felix


We had the gender ultrasound today and met the OB here in AL for the first time. 😀 I am 25 weeks and 1 day pregnant, so the ultrasound is actually a little late, but due to us moving right when I turned 20 weeks and then having to do all the insurance paperwork-this is as early as we could get it.

It’s a boy 🙂 🙂 I decided to find out with this pregnancy mostly to see if it would help with the transition for Cade. He’ll be a month shy of a year and a half when baby Zane arrives, and Im hoping that at least by using the name instead of just referring to “baby” all the time we can make the new addition a little less unfamiliar to Cade. Let’s face it, it’s gonna be a shock any way you slice it, but maybe thisll help a teensy bit.

Zane was just as uncooperative as Cade was in the womb, squirming and stretching and wiggling like a crazy thing. The ultrasound tech chased him all over my belly and the pictures were pretty blurry, but she tried her hardest to get a good profile shot. He is currently breech (again, just like Cade) but he seems to be sitting up higher so hopefully he’ll flip around and not be facing the ceiling when delivery rolls around.

Speaking of delivery, I am so relieved to have met the OB doc finally! I didnt have much of a choice with Cade’s doctor (only one took Tricare) but this time I was able to look around. Still, I was nervous that I’d have a repeat of Cade’s delivery where the doctor only allowed “traditional” flat on your back delivery. Now, Im not saying this is one hundred percent the reason I ended up with an episiotomy, but after doing some research on birth positions (and just some basic anatomy physiology common sense) flat on your back is not exactly conducive to the easiest or the, um, naturally stretchiest (?) childbirth and it probably did contribute to my needing to be snipped despite the medical teams best efforts to avoid it. Even if I DO end up in that position, I wanted to at least have a doctor who was ok with delivering Zane in whatever position I found most comfortable. This guy is all on board with that 🙂

Not only that, but Im considering getting a doula and asked if he was ok with that. He was not only ok, he thought it was a great idea and expressed what an excellent form of support doulas are during the labor process. He did mention a few things to look for during the interview because he said that  the patient should be the one in charge, and some doulas can get so overbearing that the patient is pressured into doing things she’s uncomfortable with, and that doesn’t sit well with him or the medical staff although he assured me everything is my call. He even “delivered” a child to a norwegian midwife that insisted noone touch the child until after birth and she had it directly on the bed. He admitted that was a little outside his comfort zone, but the fact he let her do so is very encouraging. Talk about patient centered. 🙂

Back to Zane. He’s super cute and I can already tell differences between him and Cade. I think, just maybe, that he has my nose. 😀 I know, I know, too early to tell for sure, but it is just too much fun to speculate. It was wonderful actually seeing him squirm and wiggle all over the place since usually it’s just me feeling him. I have a feeling this will be another pregnancy where kick counts are completely unnecessary.

Ok, Ill stop. But Im so relieved and so excited and its been a very good monday.


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    • Cool beans! We’re a bit farther south than that. Ft. Rucker is by Daleville, Enterprise, and Ozark. About 30 minutes from Dothan. (1.5 hours from the gulf) 🙂


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